Working on some new media Projects

So far this year I have felt that I have not been producing enough, Ive tried to produce a new podcast called High Five, But im also thinking about video casting small interesting segments of events that I do durring my day. I also want to start to develop the audience of the social networks that I use. In the next week I want to continue working on several media projects such as the HIGH FIVE podcast Billy Newman Blog video posts Expanding Photography portfolio and New postings.

Going to Grants Pass This Weekend

So I will be heading back to grants pass for the first time this school year tomorrow. It will be nice to be back in the rouge valley for a weekend in October. October is one of my favorite times of the year. It will be good to see some family and see some friends. I haven’t even pulled out my camera in the last couple weeks. Ill defiantly have to go out and take some pictures this weekend. If you want to meet up let me know.