Girlie Sasquatch Jacket

Goodness gracious.I gifted myself this jacket for Christmas, and yes it was in the mens section! Ill probably regret this buying decision in the future.I didn’t realize at first sight that this fury Sasquatch jacket would come off looking so girlie. eesh, If I didn’t know better I could be a girl with a strong jaw line in this photo. gotta say though, It is warm!!

Christmas eve

Todays been pretty good. It surprises me when I realize that as I write this it is already christmas. Seems pretty strange that this will be my 20th Christmas . I’ve finished up this evenings family get togethers , now headed to bed. Hoping for some snow for Christmas. The forecast is still back and fourth.

vlog wars

Oh man, So some friends of mine decided to make a little video defaming me.

Winter vacation

Coming home for the holidays is defiantly an interesting sensation. I’m glad that this last term is behind me. Today I braved the weather and made it down to Grants Pass. The trip went much smoother then I thought. I was preparing to spend a night in my car on the freeway waiting for the snow to clear. Luckily I hit the right window; the interstate was mostly bare pavement for the majority of the trip. When I hit the last three passes before coming in to Grants Pass I was a little worried. There was some snow accumulating on the pass but it was really nowhere near as bad as what it was reported as being earlier today. Apparently odot closed the freeway this morning. Its relieving to make it home, it’s good to see some family and it …

Street Slippin

Robert and I went around Corvallis checking out the ice on the streets.

Freeway traffic slowed by snow

a quick post of my trip on I5 trying to get back to corvallis. Lots of traffic even more snow. For a while I was thinking that I would be spending the night in my car. luckly I was able to make it home.

Making Some Tea

last Night I had to stay up late to cram for finals, In this video I show you how to make a cup of loose leaf black tea. The caffeine helped keep me up… all night.

Net Neutrality

The internet is a vast and growing wealth of knowledge. There are countless creators and consumers using the internet to share content. Net neutrality is a term for a growing argument that the internet and thus the providers of the network should maintain a neutral position on what content the end user chooses to consume. This is not so much a censorship issue as it is the intent of the network provider or the ISP to degrade the availability of their competitors web content. A network providers bias toward their content; with the intent to increase their fiscal return is unethical and their role must remain neutral. A network physically interfering with the transmission of their competitor’s data to the end user is unethical. Net neutrality is the principle that the network providers should treat internet traffic equally. A neutral …

Privacy in today’s digital age is something that has in many ways gone by the wayside, The development of the new media “savvy” society has saturated the net with social profiles from second life to twitter. The bottom line is that Privacy is at the users personal discretion; it is up to them to be self conscious of who will be reading there social content. I hope that this does not give the immediate impression that 100% of the wrong should be placed in the lap of the user who posted it. In fact I would argue that nearly all the wrong doing and mal intent is from the public side. My argument rather, is that the user must be conscious and aware of what social implies, the user must become savvy to the policies and programs in place that …

The other day when we were in Newport we went to the beach. while we were there we messed around with some long exposure shots. This picture is of Nathan but behind him is the six of us in a line with our cell phones out drawing the light that you see in the photo over 2o seconds

Tonight Tyler and I Made some slow cooked chili with our crock pot. Below is a little video .

Aquarium Visit

Here is a little video of some clips from our trip to the Newport aquarium. Over all it was pretty fun. Apperently during the first week of december they have a special christmas deal. It ended up being only 2 dolloars to get in from 6:30 p.m to 9:00. After the aquarium we went to the beach. Overall it was pretty fun.

here is a little video of some of us playing Disc golf.