Working with my Nikon D1

This last week I bought a nikon D1 online. The D1 was the first professional DSLR that nikon sold. This was back in 1999, Now that its ten years later the limitations of  the technology of the day are becoming more and more apperent.  the Nikon D1 was built with a 2.7 megapixel sensor, which compared to my D40 is less then half the resolution. Still for the price I paid for this camera , it was a steal.  Its also in great condition, really! it looks brand new. Now the biggest problem that I have noticed with the camera is its noise sensitivity and low light operation. Any picture that without a ton of light is full of noise.  here are a couple images that I have taken so far.

New episode of OSU in Review Just put a new episode of OSU in Review up. check it out if you get a chance.

A late night trip to eugene

Drove down to eugen last night. I didnt really know this but there is a zombie walk on valentines day in down town eugne. Apperently hundreds of people dress up like zombies and walk the streets. We caught a couple of them on video.     Then robert grabbed the camera and wanted to act like Bear Grylls, for no reason.  

Mad Max

Watched some Mad Max tonight, Fun times catching up on a cult classic that I had never seen. Now I have to hurry up and watch the road warrior movies.

The man in the the ghost towns camper trailer

This is an older story I wrote last year about an experience some friends and I shared while in wolf creek. Not a place you want to find yourself or worse someone else on a winter night. So the other evening after spending time with some old friends I find out from Tyler that a group of people are going to a ghost town in wolf creek; I hesitate momentarily, then reply with “I’m all in! After finding the directions and waiting for all the people to show up we were a bit behind schedule. By the time we left Grants Pass there were 3 full cars and it was about 10:30 P.M. After Getting to wolf creek and finding again how to get there we arrive in front of the abandoned ghost town of golden. Built in the 1860s …

New Episode of OSU in Review

Check it out, New episdode is up

New Photos

I went out shooting this afternoon to pass the time and because I haven’t invested enough time into it lately, I took off for a drive and headed north out of Corvallis; I took some interesting roads and found some cool places. I would just drive until something caught my eye and I would pull over and try to get the image. Here are a couple photos from today.


Last Saturday I ended up staying up all night , I wanted to go out and take some pictures, sunrise is a wonderful time of day that I really don’t take enough advantage of. Since I was already up I got my gear together and I took off. My friend Ito asked to come along so I picked him up and headed out of town to a wildlife refuge that’s south of Corvallis. The location was great; it got a great view of the eastern horizon. It was cold, especially for Ito in shorts but the experience over all was worth it.

Midterm doldrums

Often I think that if I can be aware I can see what’s coming and do my best to avoid it. Which seems like pretty good logic; but time after time I find myself in the same spot. It seems that just like clockwork I have entered the midterm doldrums. This syndrome that I describe could be unique to just college or maybe just me, but during the weeks that follow my midterms I find myself becoming very unenthused and unmotivated to do what I need to. To sum it up I’m starting to feel burnt out. This bothers me because like I said at the beginning I think that if I’m aware enough to see what’s coming then I should be able to avoid it. Apparently that approach doesn’t seem to work as well for me as it once …

Fiction Family

Tonight I got the opportunity to go to Portland to watch the band fiction family with Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and Sean Watkins of Nickle Creek.  Both bands that I have been a big fan of for a long time. The band played very well and its still feels fun when you discovering a new band even if  its from the same people.  it was a nice surprise having Sara Watkins (nickle creek) play with them also. Sean and Sarah preformed a couple nickle creek songs which were top notch. The band played good all around. This had a very independent raw feel that made it interesting and different from bigger nickle creek or switchfoot shows, I stuck around afterward and was able to meet a couple people form the band, It was very kind of them to come out …

A you tube Gem, Jeffery attacks

So the Story goes that back in my senior year of high school at hidden valley a group of us were all hanging out by the stage in the commons.  Now in the video nathan leaps into my arms for whatever reason that day. Though lerking around on the side was Jeffery! Jeffery was a freshman while we were all seniors. Now he was a nice kid but somtimes he just really didnt get some of the social stuff, like giving nuggies to girls or coming up to one of the guys and a punching them in the gut as a way to say hello. On this day though he decided to just  jump right on top of us.  As I held Nathan in my arms I was paying attention to Matt filming us on his camera phone. Then like …

One wikipedia page a day

I’m going to start a new thing that I hope to keep up. I want to fully read one Wikipedia page a day, my plan is to pick a topic that I don’t know enough about and research it. Tonight im spending my evening watching the red violin in my film rhetoric class. Interesting movie. Though its slow and on most accounts it doesn’t fit the style of film I normally like,It is made in a way that reveals the mystery and the meaning of the film as it plays out.

OSU in Review

Recorded the first episode of osu in review. Worked out alright. had a good time making it. If you check it out here. OSU in Review 2-1-2009 episode 1