Disc Golf

One of my favorite things about spring/ spring break is the weather finaly being good enough to start up the disc golf season. I remember a couple years ago every day after school my friends and I would Play no less then 2 games a day( as im writting this ray is next to me wanting to steal the cookies from dutch bros, back to the story) Good times. I was allot better then than I am today.  Time to get started.

Spring Break

Right now im currently on my spring break. So far im having a very good time. I went down to San Francisco with my dad on sunday and spent a couple days down there. The first time Iwas in San Francisco was last year about this time.  While in San Francisco I try to take advantage of the oppurtunity to take photos as much as I can.  Most of the time I like to shoot at night while taking long exposuer images, though that requires a tri pod which I did not bring  with me.  This image was taken as the camera sat on top of my camera bag. it was a little tricky, I havent really retouched this yet, when I do Ill post that also.


Im thinking about printing some photo enlargments of my better work. I found a place through campus that will do large format printing . It will cost but its not too much.

More images from the D1

Ive been out shooting with my Nikon D1 over the past couple days. I really am getting to like the camera. I still have yet to go on an actual shoot with it, but besides the limited battery life feel that I could do very well with it. Im impressed on how well a 2.7 megapixel camera can do. I dont plan on doing any large format prints from the D1, my 6.1 megapixel D40 is just barely strong enough for that.  (top) the covered bridge west of campus (bottom) I thought that the richness and saturation of the colors in this image came out very well. 

Skills and Distractions

I have too many things and not enough skill.  This is a flaw that I have allowed myself to develop for a while.  As I look around I have everything that I want right next to me. Though what I am beginning to notice is that I have more gear then I have skill. I’m finding that it is going to be important for me to get better at the things I like and continue to develop; then to use it all to distract myself. I have plenty of interests that I am fully capable of perusing. I have 2 guitars at the end of my bed, I can play guitar but I haven’t focused on becoming better at playing in over 2 years.  I have all of the tools that I need but currently I only utilize them to …

OSU in review is up

http://osuinreview.mypodcast.com/2009/03/OSU_in_review_3109-188047.html Check it out, Its the new episode of OSU in Review. A whole 5 people downloaded it last week.  this week we talk about the weeks entertainment news.  ten interesting places you can find on google earth More bad news about the state economy Power outages earthquakes and more this week.