OSU in Review 4-26-09

   A new episode of osu in review is now up . Check it out and give it a listen.    http://osuinreview.podbean.com/2009/04/26/osu-in-review-4-26-09/

Abandon Train

  Yesterday I met Justin south of Corvallis at an abandon train. I was pretty surprised to see a train that is miles long left out in the middle of a field on a set of old train tracks. Took my camera and my camcorder. here is a clip. 

Silver Falls Hike

Some friends of mine had been planning on doing a trip like this for a while. We went to silver falls state park just east of Salem. We left Saturday morning at 10:00 am after picking everyone up. Stopped in Salem to get some supplies then drove the rest of the way to Silver falls. The trail we took was almost 9 miles long and took us by 10 water falls. Ive been to a couple water falls before, and they were impressive; but compared to the scale and quantity there was really no comparison. The trail was good, and the location is pretty popular. The trail is filled with other hikers. check out the video to see more of what we did on our hike.

Justin Ross skate clip

This video was taken during the same set of runs that the photo a couple posts down was taken at. Justin Ross skating at the GP Skate Park.

Latest episode of OSU in review is up 4-13-09

Here is the latest episode of OSU in review for 4-13-09     http://osuinreview.podbean.com/wp-content/plugins/podpress/podpress_backend.php?podPressPlayerAutoPlay=yes&standalone=yes&action=showplayer&pbid=0&b=142049&id=580690&filename=http://osuinreview.podbean.com/mf/play/4wejw/mp3osuinreview4-13-09complete.mp3

New episode of OSU in Review 4-6-09

New episodes of  osu in review is out. There are still a couple episodes that have not been uploaded yet.  Ill be uploading them later http://osuinreview.podbean.com/

Cycling Interview with Robert

Here is a video that I made for my field production class. The assignment was to interview someone , I put this project together with an interview of my room mate Robert. Check out the video

a Week or so ago I was at the skate park in grants pass with Justin Ross. Had some good time hanging out. Pulled out my camera, Jennifer Justins sister took the photo. I did a little post processing to it but almost none. Nice shot Jennifer!

OSU in review podcast

  I have been using a podcast hosting service to host the podcast/radio show that I produce called OSU in Review.  The problem with the hosting service is that it is pretty unreliable.  Mypodcast.com is the service that I’m currently using; it has a limited amount of storage space for me to upload. I’m currently looking in to other solutions for me to host more podcasts. I’m thinking that I will begin to prioritize the podcasts in reverse order. There are two new episodes that are not even out yet. They have played on the radio already, but there still not available on the internet.  I also got the opportunity to be a guest on another KBVR show called the ministry of love from 12:00 to 2:00 am last Sunday night. As I understand it the episode should be available …

Rock Climbing

  Met up with my friend Justin last night in Eugene Oregon. Today we went out and did a little rock climbing; I haven’t done much rock climbing since I was a kid. I’ve wanted to get in to climbing for a while but haven’t put enough time toward it. I went in this evening to the rec center at OSU, which is free for me to use,  and signed up for a quick belay and climbing skills check certification.  Fortunately the class was done very well; it went through the basic knots that I will need to be able to tie as well as rope use, belay technique along with a couple practice routes. I’m hoping that Ill start taking advantage of this opportunity; It’s free and available for me. I’m planning on going down and practicing some bouldering tomorrow. …