Twitter research paper.

                                                                                                                        The Diffusion of Twitter Twitter is currently one of the fastest growing social networking trends on the web. The service is becoming increasingly more symbolic of a tech oriented culture engaged in constant collaboration. In 2009 alone the network has grown more than 100%. Many current trends are indicating that Twitter could be well on its way to becoming one of the top social networks. This paper will examine twitters potential as a way of seeking and sharing information. The paper …

Commercial for OSU

This term im taking a feild production class where we go through and use some of the tools for editing video.  In this project we learned some of the basics of useing the program motion.  Also part of the assignment was to use it to create a commercial for OSU.  So here is my attempt

OSU in Review 5-17-09

  Check out the new episode of osu in review

OSU in Review 5-3-09

              A new episode of osu in review is now out.  This week on the show Swine flu at WOU .A moms weekend wrap up . Student election results  and a look at weather and entertainment  Check it out

The Ministry of Love

  This last Thursday I was on a radio show on KBVR. Its called the ministry of love. If you would like to listen to 6 people talk over each other for 2 hours then check it out. All kidding aside this week we went over a good number of stories. Check it out if you missed it. also listen in live on Thursday and Sunday evenings from midnight to 2:00 AM on 88.7 KBVR