Transformers 2 review

Im always a little bit to harsh on movies. Transformers 2 was pretty good. I dont think that its as good as the first one. but its still a pretty fun story. a little outlandish, but hey there are robot cars running around so ill let it slide. I feel like they would have been better off cutting out some of the “jokes” as they were not that funny and felt cheesy. ( for example : a small rc truck decepticon turned good guy humps Meagan fox’s leg ) add a dozen of those moments and it starts to get tired. other then that I don’t really have a complaint about it. It is a complete movie. and it does a good job of stepping up the action and the story from the first movie.

Snow in the quad

This video is a couple weeks late. Its really not much. just a quick look at the snow in the quad event at OSU. I found a little bit of footage on my camera and thought I would post it.

OSU in Review 6-1-09 This week on the show covers the  battle of the bands and other music in the quad. Also a look at other important news out of the barometer

Spanish video Project

This is really not my best work. This was an assignment for my spanish class. A video was not required but I dont see myself doing another power point. In the video we present different locations around the campus and explain where to go and what to do while here.

OSU in Review 5-25-09 Check out OSU in Review for May 25, 2009 This weeks news includes coverage of the snow in the quad event. Things to do in or around corvallis and more.