backpacking at waldo lake

Heading out backpacking with some of the guys for an overnight trip, We will be leaving tomorrow at about nine and driving east on highway 58 to waldo lake. Tonight I have been putting together some of my gear. It will be pretty cool to head out and rough it for the day at least.  Suprisingly that short amount of time requires allot of gear just on its own.  I was looking up some info about the lake and thought I would share it LOCATION: Waldo Lake is a large natural lake, approximately 31 miles east of Oakridge and 70 miles from the Eugene, Springfield area. Waldo is located at an elevation of 5,414 feet in the Oregon Cascades. ACCESS: To reach Waldo Lake from I-5, travel east on Highway 58 about 60 miles to the junction of Forest road …

Sunrise photos from the wildlife refuge

The other morning after Jeremy and I got back from the surprise Dave Chappelle event in Portland, I left before sunrise and drove out to a wildlife refuge that’s south of town.  I was dead tired since I had been up all night but the morning was great for shooting. It’s interesting to see how different the sunrise is from the sunset. I had my Nikon D40 and my D1 with me. I was trying out some HDR shots or High Dynamic Range photos. Check them out. Some of them still need allot of editing so forgive them a little . Never the less it was allot of fun and something I hope to do more regularly.

“The Greatest Show that Never happened”

“The Greatest Show that Never happened” – Dave chappelle Tuesday night at around 11:35 , Jeremy ran out of his room and exclaimed that Dave Chappelle would be doing a free event at pioneer square in portland and that we needed to drive to portland  right at that moment to see it. I at first did not beleive it at all, as you can imagine there are very few things that sound more like a hoax then hearing that Dave chappelle, a comedian who has been in hiding for the last 4 years with almost no public exposure would be doing a free show, in pioneer square, at midnight, on a tuesday. I looked skeptically at the web page that was reporting the evidence of Dave Chappelle in portland. It said that several people had seen him around the city …

Tears for Fears concert

Yesterday I went to the Tears for Fears concert up in portland, I had a ton of fun. The concert was at the zoo strangley enough, right in between the polar bears and the elephants. My friend Justin Ross invited me to go with him to the concert. The show overall was great, the guys in the band are still very solid. Especially Roland Orzabal (the goofier looking one in the image) really showed his talents, he is still a very solid performer. Justin and I were able to get within about 20 feet of the stage. Its not really a “Rock Concert” but it was still fun to hear all of the songs from them that you would recognize. The ampitheater where the concert was at was nearly full. Tons of people showed up for this.

News article on Chelsea and Joshua Silva

I am reposting this article from Its a couple of days old. I am sure at this point every one knows about it. Rip Chelsea and Joshua Silva The second victim has been identified from a three-car crash Thursday on U.S. Highway 101 near Garberville.Chelsea Silva, 17, from Grants Pass, Ore., was ejected from a Dodge 3500 truck along with the driver, 25-year-old Joshua Silva of Willits, according to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department. Chelsea was pinned under the truck and pronounced dead at the scene. Her name was not immediately released pending notification of next of kin.Joshua was taken to Ukiah Valley Medical Center and pronounced dead at the hospital.A California Highway Patrol press release said the preliminary investigation indicated that Joshua and Chelsea Silva were driving southbound in the Dodge 3500 truck on U.S. Highway 101 and …

Another photo from my Nikon D1

I took this photo just the other day with my Nikon D1. This was just one of the flowers growing in our garden. I was impressed with the quality of the image. There are many things that I could have done better as the photographer, But the captured image itself is at a much higher quality then I thought it would be. Right now I have it blown up as my desktop image and I dont see any grain or pixelation. Im suprised since the D1 only has a 2.7 megapixel sensor.

Down at the River

went down to the Illinois river to store gultch this last sunday. Had a good day with the guys Kyle brought his video camera and taped me jumping off the rock a couple times. The onlly bummer was that right as I got there I dropped my little point and shoot camera in the water so it was toast for the rest of the day. Luckly for me once it dried out it worked fine.

Structure fire on Redwood ave

This evening in Grants Pass there was a structure fire that started at about 7:45 pm across the street from the redwood nursery. Fortunatly the building had been vacant for some time.  I was down town, headed toward riverside park to meet some friends when I saw the Smoke coming from around the fairgrounds. One of the first fire trucks pulled out a block in front of me, I decided to follow the fire truck and head for the smoke. I was down town taking some photos with my nikon D1  so I had my camera with me. I was one of the first people on the scene as the fire trucks had just arived. I grabbed my camera and was able to catch some of the fire in these photos. Within minutes there were tons of people looking and …