Camping in eastern oregon.

Camping in eastern oregon was great. My Father and I camped out for 2 nights, the first night we spent over by the town of plush east of lakeview. In the warner rim area. This photo is looking from our campsite over to heart mountain to the North east. The second day we drove over to heart mountain and took a gravel road across the top over to the town of frenchglen.  From there we drove up to Steens mountain. The mountain has the highest road in oregon at almost 9,500 ft. This picture is showing the extreme drop off from the steens down to the alvord desert below. In the photo here is Kieger Gorge.

Family Photos

Its rare that our entire family gets a chance to be in the same spot all at once.  Its strange because when I was growing up it was completly common place for everyone to get together on a weekly basis.  Even though that was the case it was still rare for us to get a family portraits. In fact there is only a handful of photos like that around. Glade we finally got the oppurtunity.