Snug Life wins best comedy at the Oregon State campus movie fest.

Im still really suprised that we were able to pull this off. I was confident that our project submission was funny and as good as we were going to make it but  I was worried that we wouldn’t make the top 16. For all of our friends that showed up to support us,  THANK YOU ! I really do appreciate it. Also thanks to everybody that worked in the team to create this video. I had a lot of fun working with you guys. I know own a full copy of final cut studio 7 that I can’t really use since I don’t have a mac powerful enough to run it. Though I think I have something in mind to fix that. Beyond winning prizes our team was entered into the campus movie fest regional competition.  This will be held …

OSU Flash Mob

The Flash mob tonight was a ton of fun. Here are some clips from the delayed flash mob in the Library.

Back in school

Here is just a sneak peak at what my schedule is for fall term. First couple days of class are already keeping me pretty busy.