A whole new world

This was recorded on my phone and posted to twitvid. Sorry for the low quality. Pleas enjoy our impromptu performance of “a whole new world” from Aladin.

Finley Wildlife Refuge Butterfly Bush Planting event.

Jeremy Kreutzbemder, a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, volunteered with several other fraternity brothers at the Finley Wildlife Refuge Butterfly Bush Planting event. The Daily Barometer The current endangered situation of the Fender’s blue butterfly has left those concerned with the dwindling population determined to help. Last Saturday, many students and local community members planted various species of plants at the W.L. Finley Wildlife Reserve for the benefit of the sky-blue butterflies. People don’t normally associate Oregon with exotic insects, but the Fender’s blue butterfly is one that calls the prairies of Oregon home. Once thought to be extinct, this rare butterfly was rediscovered in 1989 but is now on the Federal Endangered Species list. This was the third consecutive year that the community came together to help the W.L. Finley Wildlife Reserve, but only the second year that the …

Green Screen PSA for OSU bike riders safety

Currently I am in a studio production class at OSU. This video was for an assignment to make a psa about bike riders safety. As you can see it does not look very realistic at all. In fact its some of the worst green screen work I have seen.  But It was a fun thing to shoot and I have to say I learned a lot of what to do and what not to do when making a video using green screen.  NUMBER 1- Lighting is EVERYTHING!    if the green screen is not lite completely evenly then the chroma key process will be pretty rough. (since some greens were different shades of green I can not key out the color correctly. This project has got me thinking though. I want to set up my own green screen and do some fun independent …

House party

This weekend we had a “Valen-times” party at our house. Slow start but it was a pretty fun night overall. I think the picture does a better job to expreess the mood of the party then what I could write. Still found some time to take pictures that night


    A Crow pearched on the branch of a tree out side of my window this afternoon. Shot with a Nikon D2H, iso 200, 80-200mm lens

Photos from the Black heritage fashion show

  From now on I plan on posting some of the photos that I have been taking for the barometer and posting them here along with the story it ran with.  This last Saturday I was the papers photographer at a fashion show, Here are a couple of the photos I liked.     By Caitlin Cagle The Daily Barometer The Sigma Delta chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. hosted their 17th annual Black Heritage Fashion Show in the MU Ballroom Saturday at 5 p.m. The fashion show’s theme, “Think Pink, Live Green,” encouraged students and the OSU community to recycle and become environmentally conscious and friendly. The fashion show, whose proceeds went to Women Who Win and CARE for Haiti, gave students an opportunity to learn about sustainability while experiencing a piece of black heritage. The show is one of …