VP of INTEL Speaks on the future of innovation

Media Credit: Billy Newman Justin Rattner of Intel speaks at the LaSells Stewart Center Monday night to a packed auditorium about Moore’s Law and the future of innovation at INTEL By Katherine Younger The Daily Barometer People struggled to find seats in the Construction and Engineering Auditorium inside LaSells Stewart Center on Monday evening to hear Justin Rattner, vice president and chief technology officer of Intel. Rattner discussed the near-future of technology in his presentation, “The Law of Accelerating Returns: Intel’s Next 40 Years.” In his speech, he discussed applying the Law of Accelerating Returns to electronics, photonics, biotechnology and communication. http://media.barometer.orst.edu/media/storage/paper854/news/2010/05/25/News/Vice-President.Of.Intel.Opens.Minds.To.Future.Of.Innovation-3920772.shtml

Learn To Fly Day

  Saturday was international learn to Fly Day. I was the assigned photographer for the Barometer. I had a ton of fun Saturday afternoon, The people out at the Corvallis airport are really cool. I really wasn’t expecting to get in a plane and fly around Corvallis when I got there.   I went with Makenzie Marineau, a friend that works for the Barometer. The 2 of us ended up being some of the only people to show up for the event.  After waiting around for a bit one of the pilots started up the Cessna and took us both for a quick flight around Corvallis.  This was my first time to fly over Corvallis. in fact its only the second time that i have ever been in a plane. The only other time i was in a plane was the time I went sky diving …

Ninkasi Brewing Co

  Ninkasi Brewing co. out of Eugene offered free samples of their most popular breers down at the brew station.  Picked up a couple photos for the barometers wild art section last Thursday. 

Intramural Softball

  Spent some time last Wednesday at the intramural softball game. Grabbed a couple shots of the group while I was there.