The History of Oregon State University

Oregon State University History Link to video transcreipt  OregonState University is one of the oldest colleges to be built in Oregon. Founded in 1868, the original creation of the college makes it almost as old as the State of Oregon itself.  The campus has expanded and changed very much during the past century here in Corvallis. In fact the Campus was originally just a single building under the name of Corvallis College. Several more name changes would occur before the school would come to be known as Oregon State University. In 1927 the name was changed to Oregon State Agricultural College; then changed again in 1937, when the college became Oregon State College. The university’s current title, Oregon State University, was adopted on March 6, 1961. The education building.  This photo taken near the turn of the century shows two men duck …

Corvallis Fall Color

  This is A video I made this afternoon with the Nikon D300s, The Goal of this video was to get use to shooting HD video on a DSLR camera. Between intermittent rain storms and never having enough space on my CF card, this shoot had its share of problems. But it was good practice.  I shot most of the scenes with a 50mm f1.8 and a fixed 300mm f2.8.  I would do this video over again in a heartbeat though, there are plenty of shots that I would through out, but I put this video together with the footage that I had.  The song in the background is an instrumental from Justin King, It was short on my computer and I thought it would fit the feel of this video. 

Photos from the Cal Football Game

This past Saturday I had another chance to Photograph the OSU Football game. Had a blast walking around the sidelines taking photos all day. Besides a little bit of rain (it could have been much worse) the weather was good.  I was shooting with the Barometers Nikon D300 and a fixed 300mm lens. Other then a couple of autofocus problems It was a pretty good set up.  I was able to capture some pretty good images last time at the game but I know that I learned a lot about what it takes to be a good sports photographer. Check out the rest of the photos