Photos from the past week

f/5 : 1/125 : ISO 200 I took this photo on the side of the road going south on 53rd street in Corvallis.  The mist was starting to settle for the night in the grove of trees in the background. The back light from the sun provided a cool look to this photo. Spent only a couple minutes playing with the composition with this post.    Rapids near Alsea Falls  f/10  : 1/10 sec : ISO 400 Almost got lost on this trip.  Drove south of Corvallis to some country back roads that head toward Alsea Falls.  The light was really not in my favor that day, Spent some time making photographs of the new snowfall in the mountains. Tried to shoot most photos for B&W that day. This is a photo of a rapid just down from the Alsea waterfall.  

I love this!

Drawn by Marina Hansen (if your not clear, the cool blue drawing of me)   This is one of my new favorite things. I think that its the first time I have been artistically represented in a drawing. I immediately posted it to my photo board. It is sort of a personal project that I keep up by posting photos or things to it that were important to me. and this definitely counts 🙂 

I cut my hair off!

  If you didn’t know, I cut my hair off last week for Locks of love. its a really strange transition for me. But it was really fun, and I had a lot of support from all of my friends.(thanks to everyone who showed up and helped cut off some hair)   I made a time lapse video of the night.  It took an hour and a half to cut off, watch it all in less than 2 minutes


My room is filled with balloons!!! 750 balloons filling my room.   I had a great break down in Grants Pass. I drove back up to Corvallis and walked into my room to find that my room was filled with balloons.  I think that its the coolest thing ever.  750 balloons filling my room in this pic. Thanks to Ray McGuinness, Jeremy Carter, Erica Henderson, and Jaron Wilson for “pranking” me. Coolest thing ever 

I am the worst blogger, and New Years Resolutions

enough said. its been more than a months since my last blog post. Time to do some catch up.    That will be my transition into my New years resolutions. For a few days now I have been trying to find a way to consolidate my goals into something that is more of a principle and less of an (insert something) more type of goal.  and thats kinda what it turned into.  My goal is going to be to try and do the things that I am passionate about more often. Maybe it wont be all new things, im sure there will be some, But if I like taking photos, then I should take photos more often. If I like to travel, I should travel more often. If im going to go to class, I need to go to class …