OSU Dating Game

  I was on the OSU Dating Game the other day on kbvr. Have to say I had a pretty good time. I was really embarrased… and I am sure I always will be. My friend Jeremy signed me up for the show a while back I guess as a prank? .  Check out the full video streaming here http://people.oregonstate.edu/~kempj/media/player.html?pl=http://www.archive.org/download/KbvrOsuDatingGame-February242011/DatingGame-S8-110224_512kb.mp4&type=video    (its not a broken link, Kbvr just takes a long time to start the video)

Dawn on the lake.

  Dawn on the Lake         70mm: f/4.5: 1/60 sec   This is probably taken after dawn, but the story is that I left my place way early friday morning. Drove out to the wildlife refuge and walke up to the lake.  Camping out in a photoblind, waiting for the right light, with a few layers on and a cup of coffee is not a bad way for me to start my morning . At about 7:35 all of the geese in the lake take off at once. Its a pretty cool place to be.   

Meet my Fish!

  Meet my new fish, he doesn’t have a name yet. Still cant think of one. Got him this last week. He is a crowntail beta. Got a bowl, got rocks (finaly) he was pretty grumpy when I first got him, looks like hes grown out of it.  I have him set up on my desk for the moment.