Spring Break Road Trip

I spent the last few days on a road trip through northern California. I have to say that I had a really good time. Travelled light and cheap, and I feel like I went everywhere that I wanted to go.    I was lucky that I didn’t have to deal with too much snow over the course of the trip but 140 was kinda ruff for a bit.  On Monday I made it over to Klamath Falls and then down to The Lava beds in northern California. Its a really cool place to spend the day. There are tons of caves to go in and explore at your own pace. That evening we drove south to Lake Shasta to camp. Then the next morning got up and drove south into redding to steal some wifi and to get some coffee. …

Le Tour De Franzia

A snapshot from my Ipod as we all left on our bikes to begin le tour de Franzia. I had a really good time at this last tour de Franzia, if you dont know what it is, its a bike ride where everyone is encouraged to dress in silly ridicoulous cloths and ride there bikes while drinking cheap boxed wine.  Its even more fun than it sounds like.  This video was shot, edited and uploaded entirely from my Ipod. Just a few clips of the first leg of the bike ride   A decked out flower bike, parked by the covered bridge near campus.  

New Photos from Newport

A Segal stands near the edge of the Ocean Friday afternoon.    This post will probably mostly photos from the trip (like usual, I dont like to write too much)  I went over to Newport Oregon last Friday to just get away for a bit. It was a really nice afternoon. The town of Newport did not seem to phased by the remnants of the tsunami that reached the Oregon coast that morning.   A quick vintage instagram snapshot from my ipod, of me on the beach taking photos    

College Collage

  Over the past several weeks I have been taking a lot of photos for instagram. Instagram is a cool ipod/ Iphone app for making and sharing photos. None of them are individually cool enough for me to post but I thought I would make a little collage of some of the pics I have taken over the past two weeks.