Morning Mist

Another day, another place, another sunrise.   This was taken at about 6:30 in the morning just after sunrise. I was driving to another location when I pulled over and took some photos by this pond.  I love the gold mist rising from the water in this image.  


  I ended up doing an all-nighter last Monday-Tuesday.  I stayed up to study for a midterm and I finished around 5 am.  I ended up grabbing my camera gear and I drove south of town before dawn.  It was a really beautiful April morning.  the (almost) full moon was setting in the west as I arrived. while I was there I spent some time taking a couple Panoramas of the landscape.        This has to be one of my most productive mornings in recent memory. I watched the sunrise, captured a couple of cool images and took a midterm all before 10:00 am.         

April Photo Hike

Spent some time Friday afternoon hiking through this medow with my camera gear. I was going for something kinda like the old windows xp default background. (bliss, if you remember) One of my goals this spring is to go on more hikes and outdoor trips, this was my “gear test” , making sure everything works alright and balancing out how much I really need in my hiking bag. Here are a couple photos I shot that day.