Cascade Lakes

Robert and I took off the week before last and headed over to some of the Cascade lakes in the Three Sisters Wilderness area.  We Camped out that night, and spent the next day exploring the area. To much to see and do in just one day, but I can’t complain when my Tuesday is spent driving through backcountry highways, listening to Zepplin, and hiking around on a nice day. To more days like this.  🙂

Spring Smith Rock photos

HDR panorama of Smith Rock, Taken before sunrise Did a pretty quick trip over to Smith Rock the weekend before last. I drove over Friday evening with my friend Justin and set up camp. Woke up before dawn the next morning and drove over to Smith Rock. Smith Rock is a really cool area. Justin and I arived just before 6:00 am; we were the first people in the park that day. It is a very sureal experience being in such an extreme environment that early in the morning.  Stayed there taking photos as the morning sunlight washed over the rocks.  The rest of the day was spent hiking through the park    Check out this video I (quickly) put together. Just a quick slideshow of all the other photos from Smith on my camera’s card