Backpacking in the Wallowa Mountains

Ice Lake at Sunset  Backpacking the wallowas was an intense experience. I have gone backpacking before, and I am used to the outdoors but being by yourself in the mountains for a few days is a strange experience. The time was good. though. I had to hike in 9 miles to Ice Lake, about 5 miles of that seemed to be straight up hill.  Alpine camping in late September was pretty cold. I’m glad now that I spent so much money this Summer buying good camping gear. I am in a coffee shop in Boise Idaho right now. Soon Ill be driving further east and then further east. 

Entering the Wallowas

     Panorama of the Wallowa Mountains. Near Joseph Oregon.      I am in Joseph Oregon today, I am planning on being in this area for a couple of days. I am trying to take my time and look around the area a little bit.  My plan at this point is to hike back into those mountains in the next day or so. Im still trying to get the right maps and know for sure where Ill be going. Tonight I am looking at staying in Joseph, but I might try and head out of town a little bit and get a different perspective on the area. I will post more soon, just busy working on editing, and backing up. It seems to take some much longer out in “the field”. 

Western Overland Excursion

The Ole’ Camry and me in front of Mt Hood … just passed 327,000 miles, yikes!   I have been trying to think of a more cool name for this trip than just “Road Trip”, though I will admit Western Overland Excursion might be a bit much? IDK, let me know I really don’t think that I have mentioned what the purpose of this trip is yet, at least not on my blog. I am taking off on this trip because, first of all, I want to. Second, I am trying to create a real photography portfolio that I like. I’ve been shooting for years, but often it’s just of… stuff. It lakes structure or focus, (like direction) and vision. I dont know if I will really find any of those things in my creative photography on this trip, but …

Postcard: Trillium Lake, Oregon

A photo from this morning at Trillium Lake, Looking at Mt. Hood to the North.  Currently sitting in a coffee shop near Zigzag Oregon. Drinking some coffee and editing some photos from this morning.  This is one of my favorites from trillium lake. The mist over the lake at sunrise was awesome, but made it difficult to photograph anything but fog.  I’m working with some simple symetric reflections in this image. I like it, but I am learning that I need to really do more work to get what I want. I need to slow down and take my time.   Everything is still on track and going to plan in Northern Oregon. Today will be the first day we leave the state. Heading North to Washington, then moving back South.  Besides taking really, Really… I mean really cold camp showers …

Underwater Footage from the Illinois River

  Check out this test footage I shot on my ipod touch the last time I was at the Illinois River. I picked up a water proof case (more like a bag really). It works really well though. Now I want to try and shoot something a little more seriously.