Another postcard from our campsite

This is the view just up from where camp is set up. Decided to stay an extra day in this area before rushing off to Canyonlands. Its taken almost a month, but I am finally starting to slow down and take my time in the places I’m at. 

Postcard from Arches

I’ve been busy this last week . Taking my time camping out in the Moab area. Camping by rim rock and sandstone canyons. Very happy that the weather has held up so well. Today it’s sunny and mid 70s. I’m writing this while sitting up on top of the ridge looking down to my camp below. Tomorrow I’m off to canyonlands. then starting the trip wrap up and heading back to Oregon. All of the photos in this post were taken on my iPod. I’ll be sure to post more photos from a better camera some time soon. Or as soon as I get to the photos and edit them. Now off to boulder around on some rocks

Camping in Sego Canyon, Utah

Petroglyphs in Sego Canyon, Utah I’m in Moab, Utah now. Nice place to be, everyone here seems to be riding a mountain bike. The weather is holding up well enough for the time. Just have to find a good place to camp for the night. Yesterday we drove from Salt Lake City, Utah to the Sego Canyon area, north of I 70 near the Arches, Canyonlands areas.  Pretty steady stormy weather all last night, with the occasional break for the hail.  Very cool spot though, petroglyphs lined the walls of rock that surrounded my car. This afternoon, when there was a brief break in the rain, I went and took some photos of the rocks and the petroglyphs.  Camp last night. Sleeping in the car has its advantages in the rainy weather.   Pushed aside the slush and hail to …

Popular Barn

This is probably one of the most photographed barns in the world. I took this photo just before sunrise a few mornings ago.  I have to say I like this photo, but it lacks some originality. Thats not always bad, but I don’t want to repeat something that everyone else is doing right next to me… at least, not with this type of photography.   here are a couple different photos that I took that morning trying to get the shot that I wanted.  The photos below are straight from the camera.   

The Tetons

Sunset at Jenny Lake,  I’ve been out of reliable Internet for a while now. For the past week I have been in Yellowstone National park and the Teton National Park camping and (trying) to make some photos.  Ill get to some of the stuff from Yellowstone in a later post but this will be all about the Tetons.  This has to be one of my favorite places. Its such an extreme landscape, I am happy to have spent the time that I did there.      Reaching the Paintbrush divide at 10,700 ft   Backpacking in the Tetons has to be one of the most difficult and most rewarding things that Ive done. Its a beautiful place and I hope that I get to go back in the future. Late September has shown to be very colorful. There has been …