Applegate lake River Reflections

Evening reflections in the applegate river   This photo is a little bit outside of my normal style.  I photographed this in the reflections of the applegate river. The intense green color in the water comes from the reflection of the bright sun lit green trees.  The image had a cool strange sureal look to it. 

Postcard from Cougar Reservoir

  This photo was taken by a small creek near our camp at cougar reservoir, east of Eugene.  Spent a few good hours relaxing in the Hot springs, then spent most of our time avoiding lots and lots of rain.      

Postcard from Crater Lake

  Taken with my (not)GOpro, from the top of Crater Lake.  Im working on a series of panoramas from my time at crater lake right now.  They look good in camera. We will see if I can make something of it.   Spent the last 2 days at the Toketee Hot springs, taking pictures of water falls. Today and tomorrow I am back up in Corvallis for the Flat Tail festival, then hitting the road again, heading east toward central Oregon. Now, I am off to check out the annual OSU Undie Run.