350,000 miles

I am currently in Hood River Oregon, working out of a cool coffee shop that I first visited this time last year.  This marks the second day of our trip traveling through the west coast of the US.  This post is a shout out to my car.  Yesterday, while driving into Hood River, my Camry passed 350,000 miles.  The car is a trooper, and I know I should treat a 20 year old sedan better than I do. I remember when I purchased this vehicle over five years ago for 800 dollars.  At the time the Camry already had 255,000 miles on the engine.  Here is to another  10,000

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Occupy Grants Pass

This is an image that is part of the 7-24 project  you can see more of those photos here  http://7-24photo.tumblr.com/ http://7-24photo.tumblr.com/

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Glow Wire Leisure Suit

I took this photo at the State of Jefferson HempExpo.  A couple guys designed some Glow Wire leisure Suites.  I had already lost a lot of light so I had the 2 guys stay really still for 5 seconds.  The long exposure helps pull up the ‘glow’ of the lights on their jackets. 

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The Oregon Territory

West Coast Trip On Wednesday August 29th 2012 I am planning on packing up my Camry once more and heading out on a trip spanning the west coast.  I have already started the process of gearing up and packing.  I am really excited to get back out on the road to travel camp and create some media.   This trip will span the west coast of the US. First I am driving north, moving slowly each day and taking my time.  I plan to really get started in Washington, I will be spending a week or so travelling around western Washington, from there I will be moving south criss-crossing the state of Oregon, backpacking and camping the whole way.  From Oregon I will be moving toward California. Spending some time in the Redwoods and working the northern Californian coast.  That’s the first …

My Daily Commute

Check out this time-lapse I made of my daily commute.  Take a 45 minute drive from south Grants Pass to the Almeda rapid on the Rogue River in 3 minutes. 

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Perseid Meteor Shower

Enjoying the Northern sky watching for shooting stars Sunday night:  ISO 200- 24mm- f 3.5 -5 minute exposure The city lights and haze from town sometimes get in the way of a dark summer sky  so I drove out of Grants Pass toward the Applegate valley.  I ended up in Provolt near some open field; I set up my chair, faced northeast and spent the night watching the shooting stars as constellations came up over the horizon.  I saw dozens of meteors during the early morning hours that I was out sky watching. From 1:00 am to 4:30 am was out in Provolt watching the meteor shower by myself, it was great to just sit and watch the stars rise over the eastern horizon.  I stayed awake with a quad shot coffee from Dutch bros and some old Neil Young albums I through …

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Back to the Fifties Photos

This last weekend was the back to the fifties celebration in Grants Pass. One of the main events is a classic car cruise that runs through Downtown. I got down to the cruise after work and after the sun went down. I thought this would be a good opportunity to work on a technique called panning. For this picture I dropped the Sutter speed of the camera down to about 1/4 of a second and panned the camera with the subject while the shutter was open.  This creates an effect that we see in camera where the main visual focal point is clear and still without distortion and the background is dragged out of clear view.  To get everything to work right takes quite a few tries. There are really only a handful of photographs that turned out visually interesting …

Abstract lights

I found this image in my iPod touch’s camera roll. I processed the image through instagram and uploaded it. I thought the image was interesting, it was a mistake . a result of bad automatic settings and poor light. This is also a test to experiment with using just an ipod touch to work on publishing blogs and work from the road. I am trying to figure out road production solutions before I end up heading back out on a another trip.

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Recap of the Oregon Country Fair

The Country fair was a really cool place to visit. This was my first experience with the fair but this place has to be one of the more unique events that I have gone to.   I was only able to attend the fair for 1 day, but I hope in next several years I will be able to stay for a few days.  This place is a really exciting and diverse location to photograph some of the most interesting and unique people I have yet to encounter.  The sheer size of the event is surprising. To find this many people, all engaged in the fair was very interesting to see.  There are so many people dressed in bazaar outfits, so many strange booths and items for sale that it is hard to take it all in during 1 afternoon.  …

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Western Overland Excursion eBook Release!

The day is here! Today Marina and I are releasing our first eBook.  We called the e book Western Overland Excursion.   It is a book that covers photographs from our travels through the western United States.  We designed it to read kind of like a coffee table book. The e book has more than 60 pages of photographs, collages, and stories.  Western Overland Excursion is priced at only $2.00 and is available to purchase from my Website at http://billynewmanphoto.com/ebook/ .  Marina and I have put a lot of work in to creating this book and we think that it is something of value.  If you do go ahead and purchase it understand that all of the money we make will go directly toward supporting Marina and myself with our future photographic adventures. But… I really do not want a $2 …