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Tide pool at sunset along the lost coast

This image was photographed in a tidal pool during sunset in northern California’s Lost Coast. This image was a challenge to create, but the incredible light made it easier than usual. For this image I rolled up the legs of m pants and stood in the center of this tidal pool.  I set up my tripod as low to the waters surface as I could. To get the soft still look of the water in the tidal pool I set my exposure to 6 seconds to even things out.  This was a great afternoon, we spent the day near an old lighthouse in Shelter Cove relaxing and reading.  We scouted out a few good spots to head back to when the evening light set in. I am glad that the tides, and the weather were on our side this evening.  …

Working from the road

Marina took this image yesterday while we were editing photographs in my car. Part of what makes this kind of a trip possible is the combination of new technologies that are smaller cheaper and lighter then they have ever been. We are taking advantage of all of our tools to help us produce work from the road. I admire photographers of the past that would have had to travel with boxes of film stock, then shoot from their location. They would have to wait until they were back at their darkroom to develop the film and create prints of their work to share. I think that there is a huge amount of creative value in this type of work. But there are advantages that I can’t ignore with a modern digital workflow. Right now i am writing this post from …

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Postcard from the King Range Wilderness Area

I made this photograph yesterday evening just after sunset.  This was taken on the beach of the King Range Wilderness area in the Lost Coast.  The glow on the ocean was created by the crescent moon setting in the west. For this image I left the shutter open for nearly 2 minutes to create the smooth, even look on the ocean water.  Right now we are camped out along the lost coast. I am currently in the back seat of my car, taking advantage of the hotspot on my phone.  We are camped right on the beach, taking our time and enjoying the changing weather. 

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Blue Impression of Tyler Surfing

I have spent the last few days in Arcata California with my friend Tyler Kappen.  Today we are heading out, traveling south toward the Lost Coast.   Not sure where we might camp but that will be part of the adventure.   We are also really happy that we decided to go on a road trip through California while gas prices here are a whole dollar more then they are any where else in the states.      This photograph is an impression that I made of Tyler after he and his roommate came back in from surfing.  The fog rolled in before sunset and created this cool dim glow. 

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3 Photos from Sisters Rock

Marina and I are now in Arcata California spending some time with my friend Tyler before continuing to travel south. Next stop should be somewhere in the trinity alps or the Lost Coast, either will be an adventure, but the choice may be weather dependent.  While we are here in Arcata, we are both trying to work through the images that we have been working on.  Catching up on ‘work’ and trying to increase our output.  In this post I want to walk through a few variations of the same photograph that I took at Sister rock earlier this week.  The first image I edited on the road, the second 2 were made on another computer while taking more time and thinking about my creative choices more.  The first image was edited in my car while I worked on my …

Postcard from sisters rock on the Oregon Coast

Camping along the Oregon Coast for the next couple days. We arrived yesterday at sisters rock just north of Gold Beach and just south of Port Orford. Everything seems to have a way of breaking while your out camping. We already had to macgyver the tent pole and rethread the campstove to fit the propane tank. The light changes are really cool out here. We arrived yesterday in really thick fog, couldn’t see more than 30 feet. Today its been on and off sunny, and as I write this the clouds and fog are starting to move in. My cousin Loren was able to join us for this stretch of the trip. Really glad he could join us. We just finished exploring the rocks to the west toward the shore.

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Backpacking along the Lower Rogue

This photograph of the rogue river was made Saturday evening looking out over blossom bar. Traveling along the Lower Rogue has been a great addition to our adventure. As I write this I am in my tent camped just up from blossom bar. Marina and I opted to skip out on 20 or so miles of hiking through rolling hills of scrub oak. Instead we drove the car up in the mountains along an old, but well maintained forest road toward the Marial lodge. We stopped and stayed there for 2 nights then we got all our backpacking gear together and took off for two nights near blossom bar.    Blossom bar has been a great place to camp out.  It has been nice to experience this area  with no other hikers or rafters.  We are the only people camped …