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Sunset along the Lost Coast

This photo is taking me back a couple of months. This image was made during our time along the Lost Coast. It was a photo that I flagged, and edited, but never posted. I will be posting a few more photos from my trip over the next few weeks as I go through my library and edit the number down to something I can manage.  Then I will start looking into layouts for a book covering my travels. Now I am off to Portland to celibrate the new year.

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Happy Holidays

An image of my home blanketed with snow after last Thursdays snow storm. It has been years since the last time we had this much snow fall in southern Oregon.  We were one of the fortunate homes in the area that did not loose power during the storm.  A few friends of mine have been without power for the better part of a week now. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas

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New Hardcover Portfolio Book: Photographs

Since I have returned home from my time out on the road I have been working on editing and categorizing the photographs that I took over this past year. The goal of course is to put these images to use. I am sure that I will be working with Marina to put together another book that covers our experiences on the road, and I am excited to start working on that project. I also have a few other projects that will be in the pipeline over the next year.  This post, however, is an introduction to a new portfolio that I am building. I recognized that I needed 1 hard copy portfolio of my work to show my photos, so I have been working this past week to build Photographs.  This book is very simple,  it is only a portfolio …

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Sunset in Arizona

This driving north through Arizona, we drove down a long dirt road and took a handful of photographs of this storm cloud that stretched across the western landscape. The setting sun to the west brought a powerful warm stripe of color to the scene. I have been back home for just over a week now.  It’s great to be spending some time with my family for the holidays. Now is the time that I will be putting all of the photographs I have made to use.  I have been in the process of taking thousands of photos and categorizing them, trying to narrow down all of the images to just the best set, or the best set of images for a specific project. A lot of that work is going to be in Lightroom which is what I primarily use for …

Timelapse from the Sierra Nevadas

I made this timlapse video while we were travelling south down HWY 395 near Bishop California.  I attached my little action camera to a mount on my bike rack. 

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From Death Valley to Sedona

Took this photograph of Marina on one of our stops in Death Valley,  before we we left and drove into Las Vegas.  Today Marina and I are in Sedona Arizona. It has been an interesting change from Death Valley to Vegas, to Phoenix, to Sedona. We will be travelling out of town here soon to do some hiking and some exploring, hope to scout out a few places to take some photos later this evening.  We still have a solid couple of days of travel and photography, then we head back home to spend the holidays with family. 

The Vegas detour

Right now I am sittingin a coffeeshop on the Las Vegas strip,  Marina and I left the area of Lone Pine California a few days back to travel through Death Valley. One of my goals for our time in Death Valley was to travel to the racetrack playa, an area in remote region of the Death Valley NP ( though honestly it all seems pretty remote). We did our best to make the trip out to the playa, but the route requires about 2 hours on some pretty rough undeveloped gravel [that ends up meaning big rocks] road.  We made traveled a solid hour through the desert on this gravel road before it just became to much for my poor old car… Someday I’ll come back with a truck.   For a plan B we traveled back out to the …