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How to source inexpensive jackets and layers.

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 hello and thank you for listening to this episode of the get out there podcast my name is Billy Newman i’m here with robert biskra how you doing Robert hey Billy I’m doing love with you I’m doing good man thanks for calling in doing that episode five we got to el you got the feed started we got a couple episodes up it’s kind of fun thanks for doing the pie out yeah we’re moving right along we’re hitting a couple is for a for the little bit of time that we’ve been doing it but um so we finished up a conversation in episode 4 we were talking about some of our experiences backpacking like I was talking about that will allow as you’re talking about that King range chip that you had and I know at the end of that we talked we just kind of come up to that idea where we wanted to talk a little bit about some of the equipment that we brought with us or like some of the breakdown so we have is a gear that we’d bring when we were backpacking or we’re doing other stuff I wanted to break that that idea down with you a little bit yeah I mean it’s pretty important it can make or break a trip kind of depending on what you have or don’t have yeah I’m definitely a Miss packed before oh yeah so oh go ahead Robert oh I was just going to say you tend to overpack or under pack let’s see I think well so I guess is gone for backpacking originally I was over pack now it’s probably still over packed but I’ve gotten it I’ve got a pretty tight when I’m in shape for it I do an okay job but when I noticed there was when you like you accidentally or you just mishap and don’t bring something that you really needed like the way that’s always been for me is like a sleeping pad or something like that like what it’s like that thing where it goes from like it’s like thirty percent less of a comfortable trip just because of that one thing that you don’t have yeah anyways so little yeah you have you have everything else in association with it but you don’t have that one piece set I think that’s happened a couple times before like I don’t know it’s got to happen to look like my stove or with food or something like that like we talked about Tabasco on our last chip yeah and we had that it’s just one ingredient this would be rad see I I’m the opposite i always tend to overpack I like I I go overkill I just start getting to that mindset of like well okay what if I had to make a splint well okay well I need rope okay what if I had to do this and I just get into all these you know hypotheticals and then I am attacking for every situation I could think of I packed for way too many hypotheticals yeah but you know what’s funny is a do all that planning and then the one thing that would happen would be the only thing you can compensate for man it’s really true sometimes that’s that that’s what we’re kind of the compensation about the outdoors you get like you can plan for a lot of hypotheticals and I want to break this down with you two later probably but like the idea of like equipment that you bring versus risk like how likely is that risk to happen that you need the equipment there’s probably some different experiences we have around that but it’s just kind of like a weird idea of how much how much effort goes into preventing certain types of things well maybe like a lot of that stuff can be handled with like a Leatherman I guess if you think are like yeah some some Swiss Army knife yeah exactly or but like some level of good bass gear it seems like that’s the thing that I’ve gotten the most comfortable about in the last I don’t know a couple times the backpacking or like the longer times that we’ve done backpacking when you get like a little bit more focused in on just a few things that you need to do for that five day period that you’re going to be there because that’s a really that’s the big thing and the it’s weird how you notice this the longer that you go out the less you you finally realize the less you need to bring at all like if you go for 80 days you almost need to bring nothing but if you’re going for three days you seem like in your mind you need to bring everything yeah that’s that’s funny you bring that up because that’s exactly how that works too isn’t that like and i don’t i don’t know if it’s like the the complex it’s like you just can’t you just can’t really foresee 80 days in the future so you just you kind of give up you’re like well i can’t even plan for this you know right yeah i’ll just bring my minimalist stuff or and we’re in three days you’re kind of thinking like whoa this might happen this might happen day three okay this I’ll need this yeah you’re trying to nab every corner and every maneuver of this future map of circumstances that you might run into and and then you did you can’t yeah you do the thing we’re like you know you’re going for three days also and you’re like well wow I have so much room you know I only have three days worth of stuff which is pretty minimalist and then you end up gone oh well I got room with this this and then smack before you before you know it yeah you just backed up let’s play six pack from the top yes yeah yeah if that’s happened a couple times I was trying to think about how that worked out for me I remember early on when I did when I did like a couple early backpacking trips I’ve we talked about this in that first episode I think doing stuff on the lower row maybe the second one where yeah that first chip I did that 40 whatever miles down the lower road and it was just way rushed and it was way too heavy and all the stuff you like we brought a bunch of cans we didn’t have a can opener like like what was this what was the system that was going behind it so you get things that work in a kitchen but there’s no system and that that helps you you know do that in the backcountry I guess or they’ll keep things that good or like purify enough water to have aa exactly what I was always one having enough water with you so that’s something I want ask you what kind of a what kind of water purification I have always been under under tech about this like I really wanted more equipment for water purification it’s probably well you know I’ve been fortunate a lot of the time but yeah it’s been risky maybe one or two times but I’ve only ever had this squeeze bottle charcoal filter like you fill it up with maybe 12 ounces of water and yeah leave it out of this filter what we would do marina and I when we go backpacking we were up in the well hours we were up in the Trinity apps threw up in the Tetons it was a lot of spots where it was like really clean the snow melt so worked out in our favor a lot of times on the other hand there was times when we were on the lower robes in the canyon and there’s really no good you know the mosquito puddles the girls fuck God or whatever it looks that stuff where I caught Charlie yeah you know puddle by day yeah that was nasty and that was my filter broke and that was the biggest thing I learned was uh I don’t know you always hear an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure yeah like it’s man just maintaining your equipment cleaning it after every trip doing just doing the basic maintenance that your equipment requires that’s something I’d not understood for a long time and yeah the decision that we had for water was super basically we just fill up the 12 ounces we put the top on and we’d like squeezy that’s like kind of crush it through the charcoal filter to get it to and those why those moves slow to way slow so yeah fresh it out so we’d have liked our nalgene bottle like between our knees and our hand just kind of like crushing down on this Creek water that we were trying to put we try to put in are now she may have like three or four of them so we had to sit at the creek at to pump out you know I don’t know two or three liters of water to take back to camp with us or to go hiking with for the next rest of the day so I used that I use just that one filter for like 30 years but I’m like wait if you wait too many cans of water I think for that until the charcoal just suddenly broke off or you know like the whole filter unit just found it broke off I take it away that’s probably probably to the app does that break off on a trip it did yeah that’s when they always do it yes well I think it was I know we were on a trip and we realized we really couldn’t get water so that’s how i think i think that was up in the Trinity up so I was yeah that was in that like Northern California and we were fortunate enough that we just didn’t get sick but it was like it was snowman oh it was super super cold super crisp water like right up above the tree line so yeah when you’re a special tree line you’re usually pretty safe I mean you get your chances of having an animal defecate or die in the creeks or something that’s pretty minimal yeah but uh but yeah I know like we’re in kings canyon there were a ton of places where i mean after the Giardia incident was kind of like you know i’m not taking any chances but at the same time you know if it was that if I were ever in the situation where I needed to take the risk I could really picture a better place to take it oh yeah no I like that what do you DK like iodine tablets with you I’d for water purification of it no I haven’t i’ve heard the time i got a funky taste I don’t know I’ve heard that they do too but I guess I’ve heard like well I think maybe this situation like we’re talking about it let’s have that may be around for your your backup water supply yeah not would you not do it I just Charlie all the way well so what was the water filter that you picked or pick now I’m you Simon if I was a specific name of it but it’s a katidis or and i love it man it’s like it’s like 22 liters a minute so it’s actually pretty yeah it’s super efficient and but it’s got like filtered and on a hose and then it’s basically got like a hand lever like you would see the old the well pumps back at like the turn of the century how people would put out of groundwater should make some the same same basic setup and then it runs through a filter it has like a sediment trap that’ll catch any large sediment coming in okay and then it goes up through like a carbon disk and then it comes down through a charcoal filtration system and then back through an actual like I don’t know some kind of cloth filter so I have three three variants and filtration before it actually gets through here to your tea now a bottle or whatever your prom yeah yeah that makes a lot of sense as it works out pretty well for you like did you use that down river a lot or did you guys have other systems on the boat when you doing up but you know what we carry all of our own water on them so like before we leave we’ll we’ll load up you know five or six a five gallon cans of water yeah okay that was the thing that makes us so we just bring all that yeah I mean when you’re running commercial stuff like that it’s just I mean any type of risk you can mitigate yeah i think if you wouldn’t hear the truth the commercial stuff but I was waiting for you or like them if you have like if you put it through a lot of repetitions of its pace you know but I guess so as winning is like how long does it last what’s the kind of maintenance that you ran into with the issues you had with you okay so so what I didn’t do if they have new gaskets that come with it okay they have new carbon discs they have a new charcoal that you put in there you need to keep the gaskets lubricated so that way when you let it sit for a year and a half before your next trip you don’t pull it out those gaskets are cracked really and that I just kind of had you know the hell storm of all three of those things where it was just like my sixth trip that I’d used it over the period of like three and a half years yeah and I just yeah I just didn’t maintain it and ultimately ended up kind of paying for that ah man that’s the sad stuff I’m well you know lesson learned though oh yeah sure I get that I remember there was a there was one ship that we did see this is a nutty thing is it like when in Oregon it’s great because you have this luxury of just being able to carry a water filter with you and have this assurance that you’re going to run into consistent water supply for your backpacking trip through the wilderness we have a lot of creeks and stuff a lot of the places maybe you and i’ll probably go are in like mountain areas where like we were talking about like going up into an alpine lake or something like that there’s nobody that Creek feeding off of that or some kind of snowmelt assistant through that draw and you’re going to be able to pull water from that for the for the time of year there but what was tricky is is when we were out further east I think we were out in Utah we went to Capitol Reef and we did a backpacking trip there and yeah it’s tricky because out there when you get into Utah probably anywhere in the southwest region there you have to bring all of the water with you on a backpacking trip so it’s just part of the weight you pack it’s pretty nuts and it’s I think it’s like a ratio of about two gallons per person per day which seems you know reasonable really but if you’re doing just a couple days that means like each person is carrying another eight pounds or like you know eight gallons of water which is a ton oh yes which is 64 pounds of water it we did we did capitol reef we had I think four gallons so I think marina and I both had two gallons maybe i think i might add more gowns but she probably she she can again full water and we carried all this water out there and it was well I was ridiculous but yeah it was probably another 30 pounds each yeah I believe it I mean water is super heavy and it takes up a lot of space it takes up so much space yeah there’s a picture me just kind of strapped and gallon jugs we didn’t even have like a system of care like we don’t like even a camel pack that’s like you know two leaders just that’s ounces yeah you’re going to press about an hour yeah so so yeah you have that full that’s on your chest and you have like three just gallon bottles of water I kind of chapter on your back did you did you have like a like a pole strapped across your shoulders those guys a big bucket other side I put over the top of my head as I high ground I out there it’s like the environment that it seems like he’d need it but it was strange because they were I think they were a couple water sources around that they had dried up by that time in the year you know the seasonal I think they’re like in that area of the desert and it’s it’s really remote out there when you get out to capitol reef because there’s no big town near there really uh-huh you know what I mean I mean I guess Death Valley is kind of the same way but the Las Vegas is sort of close to it but out that out in capitol reef and there was nothing out there and it was just super dry and I’m super it was super caustic to your being man what you were out there what time of what coming here were you up we were there in october and it was ok and it was I feel pretty hot in my fact it was still like oh man like in the day this was kind of hard to do but we did I think like a handful of miles in to this arch that was back there that we were to camp by and we had a couple days out there it was cool is really remote it was interesting to see some of that landscape out there but man there was no water to be found it was just high desert like there was like a mud pit that was maybe four or five miles further you know that that was like the saving grace back in the 1800s when you’re a frontiersman in that area imagine that with no gear no water filter no way you’re out of water for a while but there’s a chance that there’s this muddy pit that’s like a natural spring a few miles up this way and you might be able to get enough water to survive to your next drop off I know you get old days man it’ll days that would have been terrible yeah yeah you think about what the frontiersmen would have had to have George just get through to get through dealing with water so I mean obviously they’re not filtering their water but just dealing with the water sources that they have to encounter yeah I don’t even want to think about that yeah okay I know they’d argue that we’re probably within the good old days yeah probably but yeah I don’t think I sounds like a big problem with the water filter before we’ve done well we’d always like habits that we just have like a big store of water on us where we’re over removing and then yeah well it’s going to ask you about like if we were moving on from from what we’re talking about I wanted to talk to you about like the stove that you say you would bring have you got like a stove with you much backpacking or do you try like not well yeah because you do just a jetboil food all the time I yeah so that’s that’s my primary is my jetboil I mean you can really do just the bath yeah it’s great I mean there and there’s so many different ways to use it like one thing you can do is just I mean if you have time I mean youtube is such a vast Information Center you can go in there and just look stuff up and just like ways to be creative with the Jetboil I mean they have they have instructions on how to bake in your jet wash a little you can bake a mountain cake while you’re up there I didn’t know that I’d burn I burped a lot welcome just like it just goes to like hot right away there’s I don’t know I don’t know how you bacon it yeah but that’s really cool yeah it’s not it honestly it seems like more hassles and it was worth but uh yeah so I having a place but I mean what it is possible it’s cool so other than that I’ve just got this like just cheap little uh what is that it’s like the isobutane is that what we run those oh yes I remember that what it is I remember that last oh that’s a cool one that’s a good backup stove yeah it’s just like a you know i think i paid like 30 bucks over at my other things tiny like it’s just a little backpacking session it’s awesome sure i think those are really useful you know we did we did like a 50 day trip we did that with just the Jetboil and we did as much as we could with that that second trip that we did for like 100 and 110 days or whatever it was yeah I did that with the jetboil we had to buy like a propane stove like just a single kind of the same idea as a Jetboil or a backpacker stove where ya the burner that fits on top of the on top of the tank we had a by where those halfway through the chip and it was nuts because like we just worn out the jetboil there’s nuts because like so I knew so when you use 1 410 pastry ok they have a hard time yeah if you unscrew back together but we still cobbled it together to work if you like we needed to boil water i remember it was out on the Oregon coast I think it was a spot that we had taken you to after that was a like sisters Rock area oh yeah everyone over there that was really cool that was a cool spot it was fun too and so we were there the year before I took you guys there and we would camp there for better half of a week or so and we were using the jebel to make coffee and do everything with it but the the stove parts of threading that goes down where it would connect to the gas candidate canister had like started to wear out so it would pop it would blow the stove off of the tank it’s like the threading would fare if it just pull apart and so it was like it was leaking and you couldn’t get it to seal tight enough so that you could you could get a connection from the stove to the tank to draw the fuel burn so that brings me to something I want to bring up on this yeah is a big thing that I factor in what I’m packing is materials to fix stuff oh yeah like that’s huge i mean like one thing that was good to have in your pack is that if it’s like the plumber’s tape it’s like that in nylon that you wrap around threadings to to make a gasket essentially they make it for her guests they’re like propane and stuff it costs just like a buck 29 as you know your local plumbing store or home depot or something and and that’s great to have in your pack for exactly that situation because those threads are like a thin aluminum you know I mean they’re not meant to be taken apart and put back together thousands of times yes or does a lot in a situation like that I mean that gives you you know it’s going to create a seal and he could probably you know milk it for another month or two doing that yeah so that’s that’s exactly what we did in the moment when we were out there is him we took we took the electrical tape that was in the glove box oh yeah because like a slip of that just like we had to do this like all the time we should we’ve set it up on a new canister and we would not break it down we wouldn’t touch it until that canister which we finished but we used it for that for almost the rest of it like the department I sisters rock on the coast that was like day 15 of a hundred so he’s did this oh wow these are the rest of the time we had that we had a kind of supplement it with some other thing yeah but but yeah we just we had to put it put a little bit of electrical tape around the threading and then try and like gently work it together so that would hold enough so we can boil our water and cook her food but we did that a lot at times man we ran through like another half dozen canisters of fuel before we finally probably retired that thing yeah well that’s great man i mean that’s that’s what it’s about that’s what’s cool is like being on those long trips or even just a tripper you’re away from things like it forces you to be resourceful and kind of oh man I love that route what you can do with what you have yeah I can’t broke our tent pole broke at one point was in the wind our tent was set up it was weighted down the wind came in while we were hiking in it it crushed that time and it like it just torched that thing over an apt one of the poles it’s not the one that was kind of under the have your attention love there’s a few that were there’s an interesting tent design but there’s there’s like you know one that was like it didn’t matter there’s the other one that was gonna torch around 180 degrees it was almost like both points were almost touching each other nothing just like crashed as the tent rolled over on its side we’re like we’ll shoot and it was kind of a weird tent we couldn’t really get a replacement pole in that length in that size and so we had a like figure out a way I think what happened is if you would imagine note that says there’s the aluminum piece and then there’s the peg of the next aluminum pole as it comes together with that temple I was like to call er yeah that call it what had happened is that is that the it just broke out of that like whatever piece insert it into the piece next to it it just snapped out it kind of like broke out that that first top inch of the piece of aluminum and so we went over to this can that we had it wasn’t like a coke can I think was just like some tin can that we had chili in some like that or some canned tomato and so we like clipped that down and how to roll that with a pencil to get like a little tube and we like to hold that around the broken part to be a splint for our tent pole so we can keep it together on a camping trip but we still I mean the tent still like that we use that tent for like another laughing like we’re saying in there like six or seven months way to night yeah that’s awesome man what was that like being out there on the 115 days man it was so cool with that that comes back around of what we were talking about a little bit at the beginning when we were saying it’s nuts when you think about what you need to bring for three days versus what I need to bring for in this case like a hundred days my thinking about it was not very clear I was only thinking about like the first week it was really just bringing everything bring everything have it in your car be loaded down I even did this the year before in the car and I thought I like knew better but I’m I did know that I cut down a lot of stuff it was a lot easier the second time around but you really noticed that almost everything you can leave home in a big way as long as you yourself and some level of resources around you you can probably get through or you know like survive most days and get to the next one in in a significant amount of comfort you know if you don’t put yourself through how I stuff but it was it worked out really well all the time like four is strange because I guess what I would say after maybe the first week’s first three weeks I’d say after 15 days your body acclimates to to what it’s doing in a kind of weird way I don’t know if you had their firefighting or if you got in like some other situation but it seems like after maybe some number of days it seems like you just get a little less dirty every day or your you slant a little better at night when you flap there was no way you could sleep that well exactly but that’s what happens then it’s like your body to tackle me and actually I was talking about that with my dad yesterday we were talking about how you know where we live it’s pretty quiet so like we go and stay somewhere like in the in the center of like a city or something and you can hear people talking and you’ve got street lamps on so and you’ll you’ll a wide away for the first few nights but then on by night three you know it’s like you just get used to the background noise and stuff and you just tune it out you just falling asleep but it’s the same thing with being on the road or being up in the hills it’s like all right you know you get past that initial oh I’m dirty feeling event that’s just the way you are yeah really sure you just you adapt to what you’re doing and its physical things due to that happened like I swear that I mean maybe like a suntan is a good example of it when you you have no exposure and then you’re put under exposure a lot more than you’re used to you get burned it’s sort of what happened so like if you but if you build up a tolerance to if you build up at a man you don’t get burned you don’t get that kostik effect from the exposure to Sun so the same way of camping or being out in the wilderness for a handful of days it seems like you got it a little bit a little bit better at it like I remember I mean probably similar to a sunburn but man my lips would chap like crazy as soon as I got over into a different type of climate or i guess the dryer atmosphere something like that but yeah she need to go east of the Cascades man my lips would chap immediately or if you went up in elevation like up into like an alpine area yeah I was yeah but then after and I wet one week two weeks or something like that it just wouldn’t happen again and then just really that’s best thing yet where you get or like I just thing that I remember the most this is maybe more of just an aware and peace I don’t know whose happen to you but I remember I would get cut a lot when I first went camping or yeah like now like at the beginning of the season if I went out I’d probably like get I don’t know some kind of weird some number of mix some circumstances i was putting myself in with a pocketknife or was wood or was something I had to do but my hands would get cut up more and then after a pretty short amount of time I didn’t run into any more injuries like that just is circumstantial in injuries the small like locations that you get into if it just won’t stop down and that’s that’s funny it’s the same thing like so I work in carpentry and I can i can count probably 27 cuts between the two in my hands that like they’re just little one I mean a couple of them you know were there you know oh yeah you keep hitting them or hurt when you got them but it’s just like they’re everywhere and you come home at night look at your hands and go what the heck like you’re like oh that’s a pretty open wound I didn’t know about that you know just your body just stops interpreting that is like a distress signal on the plate oh this is the norm this is just what happened yeah and uh it’s kind of like with sent you know how like a new smell will be really overpowering but like shit or so you go for the landfill right and then you read an hour there and you can’t smell it yeah so what’s that that is I’m sure you know but it’s a it’s your body’s defense you know it detects a new sense and makes them strong so you’re aware of them but once your body figures out that it’s not a threat to you and your livelihood then it dissipates and just becomes you know a subconscious sense that you’re not actively smelling yeah I totally get that I’ve heard that before about like a different sense of stuff that comes through the tweed yeah it’s probably it’s probably hit effect is really similar to that with the stuff man about cutting but but man i remember it was so weird because we we were just in the camry at the time this whole 92 camry and like we would notice that we really just wanted to get rid of most of the weight of the things that were in the car we only needed a backpack or two backpacks you know cuz it was just nuts when you figure out like I mean none of this stuff is really like what we need to get that we really only do these two or three or four things and we do those pretty repetitively and you don’t need the rest of the stuff ya know you don’t and that’s that’s what I always enjoy that like when by the time you get done with a backpacking trip or a road trip or something it really makes you realize how little you need to actually function in your day-to-day life yeah and just and just how much excess stuff you just carry around for no reason you know you come off a trip like that and you think of yourself you know I live with nothing but a toothbrush and just like you know a water bottle talking new lock yeah exactly yeah and then you come home and you’re like well what do I have all this stuff for no yeah what does this do it definitely happened I wanted to ask you about like the Downriver stuff that you did on the road when guy when you were like whoa I know three or four-day trips like what that was like and or like so how much gear do you guys carry down I mean there’s for the guests and stuff that kind of cutting that out a bit like for yourself how much gear would you think that is per person maybe so much okay so so us is guys pack I don’t want to say minimally but we packed the necessities while staying comfortable oh you know it’s like you don’t want to under pack you because we live down there you go 90 to 100 days out of the year so it’s like you start you know really trying to figure out what you enjoy like good sleeping equipment nobody nobody goes light on that everybody brings great sleeping a quick what’s the best selling equipment to bring for the load around any man I’ve got what’s called a Rolla cot it’s like a nylon material that guys it’s like a rubberized a head count even at explain it but it’s like a measurement I saw our judges and I really thought that that look cool it’s great they’re super durable I mean they’re really strong they’re waterproof you know I couldn’t ask for anything better and they roll up to like you the length of your arm and everything is lightweight and aluminum is just a good caught but anyway that’s called a roller cot but yeah we take that I take a sleeping pad to kind of create a barrier between the air beneath mian and changing bag yeah yeah bring yourself a nice fellow a sleeping bag and you’re good to go man that it looks like a really good setup I like that that cot system that you had and sets that been like almost no time at all yeah you can have it put together in a matter of you know in less than a minute and if you seams are durable too like it’s not really going to be affected by being weathered over a couple seasons well yeah you get like fabric pots and stuff like that no you know just between the Sun and the water and whatever else what other elements are getting to them they’ll just kind of rip and tear eventually yeah but now when we go on those trips we the guides for the company pack a pretty heavy set up should we bring in we bring a full kitchen so we’ve got four you know stand up stoves we’ve got tables and pots and pans and jugs of water and coolers and you know I mean it’s really it’s really a big operation that we do yeah and then you know the guests bring whatever they think they need to be comfortable with over the course of three or four days and like we were talking about when we can potentially over pack on a backpacking trip people can really over pack when they’re not carrying their own bag around oh yeah you know they’re like and you get a lot of people to that are from you know really urban settings and getting down there in the canyon is kind of really outside their comfort zone totally i understand just got so much stuff yeah but that’s why they hire a gear butter right yeah if it gets you that’s cool so I’m to like probably a good amount of equipment what if you and I just went on a trip and we had a haul out to a different River a little further way through your kind of trying to cut down little bit like what kind of equipment would you bring a sort of a lightweight single boat trip man away with a lot of that would depend on what the fish ability of the river was it is is it away with potentially eating fish I would cut down food a good deal it depends on just how comfortable you want to be I mean if you’re if you’re interested in just having kind of a you know a back to the basics really kind of sent for yourself experience you can go really like I mean you could go back back in light with just a little type of butane stove that’d be cool and when I do that I would really want to do a trip like that we should well I’ve thought about that a lot I really want to be one of those and I want to do like a high desert trip like that to do oh yeah yeah i did a rafting ship now by david championship that was like backpacking like that kind of alpine cottontails and extremes man oh man yeah like hunt and fish rather through the UF or having a couple backpack meals or something and then I yeah obviously bring it back up but yeah that would be the idea that’s a cool idea yeah well I like the idea doing it on the on the river that I thought that would be kind of fun or have it set up kind of like a like a backpacking trip with a raft I was wondering how self-sustaining could you be from a raft on a rap ship like like how many days do you think he could do a raft wall well I just had some friends that went down the Colorado and they just did 33 days 33 days but they run into stores right or do they have anything like that like it’s proud of our plan today I what I understand they packed everything because I laughs if you’re not familiar with river guide culture everyone’s pretty poor so it’s not like got a ton of money to spend two places so I mean really it’s like you can’t go on the cheap but I mean you bring the biggest hang up is what you need to keep cold like if you need to put stuff on ice and things like that yeah look you can cut that stuff back you can really be very self sustaining yeah yeah I figured that was what we know this a car traveling to his man like having a having the cooler it was a constant liability where we just have a feeling it I always lose yeah and we’re always losing energy like it’s always it’s always going out we’re spending a hand like probably a good bitch just on ice traveling around and we finally figured out like one of the things we were talking about earlier what you think of a beginning versus what you think at the end man cutting down on a cooler or cutting down on ice and things you have to keep cold constantly that was the biggest improvement of the the maintenance that we had to do for like our trip travel yeah up stuff it was so frustrating to try and like always keep that and like oh you’re always throwing away stuff that’s gone rotten in some way exactly and then also when you’re in a car you know he said the car generally is amplified oh yeah but the big thing on like if you’re packing a cold cooler weather it’s rafting or camping or whatever it is keep it shut as much as possible you know every time you open it you’re going to lose it’s going to heat up in there so I mean just keep it shut a lot of times you can duct tape the seal oh you know who’s any any cold air from there and do that and you can really keep food cold for a long time or just go to the store if you know you’re going to be gone for ten days get a couple blocks of dry ice and put those into a cooler that just a cooler for your eyes and then you keep that in there you keep that wrapped with duct tape and you only open it when you need to swap it into the gold cooler that’s a smart idea really yeah yeah you know you’ve got a nice box and then a core essentially okay I like that I like that thinkin that’s kind of that’s kind of interesting you know we finally invested in a Yeti cooler like one of those thicker lined coolers with like the rubber straps that come down so like clamps itself down the list how do you how do you feel about that they don’t they don’t sponsor us so I can ya talk I can speak my mind I think that they are I think that they are too expensive I think that they do keep ice well and it is it’s like one of the better better way as I’ve seen of a cooler what do you would your experience of them well I have little experience with them but i don’t know i mean it just seems like but I mean yeah they hold ice really well and if I was buying it for the only reason is to keep ice cold sure then then I could validate that but it just seems like your pain you know like 75 bucks on a cooler that its interior area would hold a six-pack of beer maybe oh yeah a blobby nice that they have 20 court one that we have is small yeah i think that the concept I to write nuts use of ice is that you okay so first you have your cooler of course just in the back of truck you get a bag of ice you put the bad guys from the cooler you shake it around you leave it there for a sour just to chill the cooler just yes because it’s too hot inside right then you dump that bad guys completely that’s gone then you put then you put three bags of like cold ice in there I think there’s a cult or what is it like there’s wet ice have you heard of that like waiting around like what’s 32 or seven it’s like kind of yeah running in a liquid it’s what you get at every convenience store is they just turn up their their freezers to like the size it yeah but yes you throw in another three bags I sick almost it’s like three quarters full at that point and then you can put in what you’re talking about maybe a six pack of beer in there to keep it in its system you know to keep as much ice and the ratio is what it thinks you’re supposed to but at that point it says at least you can keep that for like five days if you keep the lid shut like you’re talking about it’s yelled in there really well so you can keep that for a long time it’s not often something I’ve run into as meeting mm-hmm but okay oh that’s not was just saying I find a to work and pass I mean we use them on the river and I mean they’re they’re great for keeping eyes but I mean using them as a cooler that you need to get in and out of and that’s where you lose that so much of your cold air and stuff is okay those lives all the time yeah and so it kind of doesn’t really matter whether or not you’ve got a Yeti or a Coleman or whatever it is it’s when you’re in and out of them you lose the ice yeah you know yeah and that’s just kind of what it boils down to so in that case I’d prefer to have something with a little bit more area to actually keep through the stuffing yeah I know the one that you see like maybe an hour yeah that was a pretty tiny one have you seen the big ones like or we’ll probably stuff that you guys would have I figure it would be the same yeah maybe I that was we have the really large Yeti yeah and I’ve seen the stuff that goes on like the commercial fishing boats like the bomb is like a huge why like I mean like see seafaring boat maybe is giant like bench size yeti coolers that they build into the side of this thing that they’re supposed to throw in fresh caught fish so what if we make it hot that’s got to be expensive oh yeah it’s going to be an insane custom order that’s like five thousand dollars my guess is that point it’s just like well yeah we’ll make whatever cooler you want you know just like yeah a stick and styrofoam at some point that exact there’s another company there’s like this other company called Arctic like getting its rtic and they do knock off yeti coolers did I don’t know drop shipping from china something like that but they’re like they’re like maybe a hundred hundred and fifty dollars cheaper than the Yeti cooler price so category I’ve heard of them it brings them back in that range of like a coleman cooler like something else that’s a you know more we would ya and that’s that’s the thing and you start pricing coolers at it doesn’t really matter what level of cooler you want to get honestly I mean for anything decent you’re looking around a hundred bucks yeah yeah it’s really charming yeah and I mean that’s just kind of like a you know your average yeah you glue I mean with the yeah it snaps on the side that you take to the to the tailgate well you can get those guys for like thirty nine bucks I see or something you know but it’s like but if you get into like a seal Delta cooler or anything that actually supposed to function correctly when you’re out on the trip yeah I mean you’re kind of looking at a minimum of a hundred bucks I’m seeing it that’s definitely true yeah man yeah that’s what that’s a nut saying she was like how much money you can get affected your equipment like that well sorry we’re talking about that bow you know getting a custom Yeti cool it’s five grand yeah I know but yeah man I know you have any other guys stuff to bring up on this I’m sure we’re going to talk way more in the future about like hiking equipment back well I did I did want to touch on you yeah I’m like your basics like a water filter your freeze-dried foods things like that what are some things that you bring in your pack not on a car trip but on a backpacking trip that they you know just just the important things aside from the obvious oh yeah that’s a good question so i mean i know i try and keep my pack under 40 pounds is what I’ve done yeah hmm well yeah I really try to keep it pretty light which I guess a little bit what we’re talking about I don’t know what to bring at a point i got my 10 which is just a couple pounds I guys like the stove you know that I got to let’s say like three of those are you know like a handful of backpacker meals and some clif bar I’ve got a way to start a fire I’ve got ya I’ve got like my ipod or you’re like my phone or something like that drive step yeah and so I’m trying to think of the other stuff I mean it’s probably close that I bring that’s always been the spot where I bring more weight than I need to because it’s always like some kind of like it’s just like cotton t-shirts or another pair of jeans or something like yeah man and the worst one is like another pair of shoes that’s been the time because you want that like bit like at least like a pair of boots and then like a pair of like river sandals like this always been a situation where i want that I know that’s been for you like when honestly that that’s been huge for me I did that on our King strip you know bring sandals I mean if even if you’re not getting into the water it’s just nice to let your feet breathe and just give your feet some type of different supports than the hiking boot that you just put twenty miles on yeah absolutely yeah I know this a time that yeah I really needed to switch back and forth between the two but I was always frustrated cuz you gotta like store the other pair shoes somewhere yeah which isn’t that much way it’s fine but they’re always kind of an awkward sort of bulky side ice trying to gather stuff feel like when I go out or I think oh I’m looking up at a picture from that allows I was thinking back to that trip is like special things that I brought or like different things and what I would do I think like we talked about last time I always bring the camera bag with me says there’s a backpack of whatever it is but then like around the front there’s like the camera bags with a couple lenses and that’s just how glass so there’s really no economy of weight going on there and and yeah there’s like a tripod which is like metal legs and stuff you don’t need to be carrying it but it’s just like a lot of weight that you have to like he’s up to the top of the mountain the other thing that I was going to say that I brought was like a keyboard this is a nice thing probably if your mind yet yeah you losing me here go ahead and explain yeah I brought a keyboard that I connected to my phone and like to my iPad so that I could do some of the like editing stuff that I was trying to do yeah which is silly and i probably wouldn’t do it again if that you don’t want a lot of editing and stuff and a lot of journaling what you guys are out there what we were trying to do yes it was a lot of like there’s a lot of stuff it was a weird job where you go like out in the woods and you take a bunch of photos and you try and like file and write about the photos while you’re there and I’d like this kind of thing you see it on Instagram every once in a while like these these cool tent offices you know somewhere out in the backcountry and someone you’re hanging out in the tent with the window up and after wherever and they just got there they’re like ipad or their their macbook or something like that in the tent comes out of the sleeping bags as they’re working through and editing whatever but you kind of think about like how light some of these things are and you can haul an up there and work with them pretty easily now but the problem yet power so that was the thing about like a macbook or a laptop I couldn’t support that I couldn’t power it up there but what I did you and I think your dad turned me on to this for the first time it was that our whole 0 solar panel kit do you remember that yeah yeah I don’t know yeah so I bought one of those it was just like that and I use that seeing a ton on those backpacking ship so how does that work out for you yeah I it was the first time I had been using solar power and really the only thing that it does it’s like two panels maybe about about the size of your you know your to open palms they’re so quick you know it’s like the size of like a good book so it’s really not very big at all for like solar energy and all that it produces is enough to run out to a USB charger so you can charge your phone and that was really what I was gone for so it was cool that you could just be out for a week or indefinitely if you wanted and you could keep your phone or your iPod on and you know when you turn it into airplane mode but battery lasts you’re really quite a long time oh yeah yeah so we use that we had a couple apps on it that we’re using that don’t have to connect anything but you can use that to file stuff for the right stuff or to record a video or to do whatever else and that until we could do that as much as we wanted to and then just recharge it the next day get out the sunlight on the solar panel it was cool that’s great yeah we win we did Joshua Tree I was taken like a photo journal or a fire video journal of the whole whole trip and that was eaten up a lot of battery and i was you know yeah i always use airplane mode for that just to save that battery but we took with us a little charging station which is actually kind of cool on those road trips it has enough amperage to actually jump start your vehicle yeah yeah I want to do and then yeah you’ve got you know you got USB ports and stuff like that in there and I think those are really useful yeah yeah super great I mean because honestly sometimes you get out there it’s just like man if you woke up with a dead battery and you’re just 15 miles from anywhere are we going to see another person it’s been a huge concern that a number of times yeah and with the way vehicles are going anymore everything is an automatic so if you’re going to compression start Korea got better yeah yeah yeah I was scared i remember there’s a couple texts around that old camry man you remember that like that was not not always a reliable car especially yes it was it was the best guy but I remember there was a himp like had this problem you know if you left it in an accessory or whatever that your lights could be on mode was do I it would kill the battery in like a half hour or less like if you actually left if you just left it on accidentally or you know the stereo was on while you were away or the door was open or something like that it would it would kill the battery it was why you walk into the gas station yeah I mean a profit it probably could do that it did bad in fact the number of times ah man little things you had to do that but I saw how many how many thousands of miles did you put on that car when i sold it when i bought it it was 250,000 miles which is a lot to buy across just a spring chicken at that point just to smooth quarter million and then when i sold it i sold it for the same price i bought it and that was with 360 7,000 miles on it yeah you’re the only person i’ve known that made money on a vehicle that you just put a hundred thousand miles on it made money off that’s like carving and you to drive it that camera that was great no the cool car it was a blast in that four guys basic of a little sedan as it was it really did a lot of stuff and then yeah it was really fun but it was scary though yeah sometimes I remember being at this campsite where like the battery I think died unfortunately I think there’s someone around the hell just like jump it right then but yeah there’s always like something about that in my mind I think the next ship that we went and I did have one of those jumper kits in the car and it works pretty well most of the time I would recommend I think like you were talking about earlier of what you say like keeping up with and maintaining your equipment man maintain that charger it’s how to keep that big charged kind of in the wheelhouse of the same season that you might use it in because it does kind of lose it after a little while like add one like you know what I know that next winter after it went from behind degrees out to freezing out that battery is and it’s not really going to give you the answer you need to jump your car I think I ran into that one time yeah all right i did what i drained it on that i’m charging my cell phone something like that oh yeah yeah that’s one thing I could say and especially is like I don’t know for me anyway as i get is a better equipment I’m more motivated to take care of it oh yeah gonna really maintain it you know when you’re starting and you’re in your teens and whatever you kind of just oh yeah 330 low sleeping bag not a big deal or what and then you know you just ruin things I burn 300 not intentionally well yeah I mean those things that they don’t hold up the same way and exactly it’s like that’s I think a good that’ll why they’ve been replaced over time is that burned through a couple $30 sleeping bags and you know yeah using it to and the zippers are twisted and split and yeah what what’s going on or I know stuff with the tents of stoves stuff with filters so yeah and and honestly when it comes to outdoor recreational equipment you really do you just get what you pay for oh yeah did you man I I just got to that point where like do I want to buy the thirty dollars singing bags three times or do I want by one hundred and twenty dollars singing by one yeah and you know that’s just what it came down to and so I started getting a little more picky when it came to choosing my equipment I’ve been trying to buy yeah and there’s a there’s a range of equipment there’s some equipment like you’re talking about I want to be specific i want to get the good stuff I want it to work and then there’s another class of it I don’t it’s kind of I don’t know if I’ve really honed it down well but I almost wanted to be as cheap as possible because it’s so likely to break or likely to get lost yeah I don’t know that is solely okay everybody i know there’s like i am for things that I’ve got out unfortunately for me it’s sometimes like well it’s not always pocket knives but it’s like some sunglasses sunglasses are perfect one travel sunglasses for me exactly River sunglasses i go for the cheapest ones if they blow off mad and you know you know in water or whatever there’s nothing gone I don’t care except don’t want the best gear and unfortunately the only way to come with that conclusion is to live through that situation multiple times the heartbreak man I must you have lots of stuff that it wasn’t super valuable it was just like oh it’s just at the bottom of the river down there you know I felt like you would if it wasn’t really expensive just alike Oh twenty bucks yeah I don’t have it anymore yeah it’s a bummer so is that there’s a handful of those things that have that oh this is probably just going to get damaged and get blown out whatever that is I’ve jai alai cut down on a few of those things but but yeah I think that I remember the time I learned that was a sleeping mat you’re talking about your sleeping bag I’ve learned it so many times from a sleeping mat of not investing enough and that every night at like two or three the hour and a half after I finally fallen asleep after blowing up my my bad excuse for for a little camping mat about two hours after that I always wake up in the sleeping bag kind of on the rock under the tent you know what I’m sock hop hop yeah just like it’s that like thing where you’re still asleep and coming into waking when you know you just have a rock in your kidney and you’re thinking man only it’s just 15 more dollars on this mat you know what I disagree with you there I like I’ve spent good money Oh several times on us and better no you know what I got disappointed like so well first off when I’m when I’m back and I just got to the point we’re like I’m probably going to be uncomfortable with no matter what sure yeah oh yeah I’ve been there but man I was just like I’m going to use the cot and use as little of the sleeping pad as I can because I have had nothing but bad experiences with sleeping pads but they always seem to they last a trip or two and then they’ve got a hole in them you gotta patch them or they just don’t seem to hold air I don’t know man I mean I guess you could you could get into some I’ve seen them you know they’re two hundred dollars sleeping pads when I I got it I got a thermarest I go like a nun or one that didn’t have a lining on it some of them like the rei when you get it’s got this nylon lining that makes it a little tougher this one was just sort of the rubbery inside lining of that but how do we have those it was i think less than fifty dollars that’s the one that I still have Pakistan’s almost nothing it’s kind of cool I don’t I’ve never turned it down like on the locks as it were or you know something like that so it’s always had like a tarp or some kind of lining under it and the ground but I slept I mean I’m not not to say that it’s been inflated all these nights but I probably put about 250 300 nights on that on that mat over the last handful of years and if I working out pretty well for you know it’s like it was it was deflated maybe maybe three or four weeks after I got it but it anyway you gotta you gotta like its sister that you come to this point where you’re like oh no I just wake up at two fifteen and a 410 and it’s 635 and I just really inflate them at and then I go back to bed it just becomes part of your nightly yeah it just does just what you do yeah just like getting up to take away help you older yeah it’s on the same schedule it’s like it’s like auto timing when we need to get up but yeah it’s been silly yeah i got that’s on the list for this year for 2017 i’m gonna try and get a new mat okay flip that respect but you gotta do man figure out what’s important it’s like yeah we’re you try to buy like two things that will make your camping experience much better yeah and have you seen any of our services those like it’s not foil but it’s just like a dense foam mat that sort of collapses down into a little block I’ve seen Alex traps to some backpackers kits before there was just sort of like this light foam matic they crunched down and a little a little deck mm-hmm and I was weird I’ve not I’ve never really used anything like that but I better probably works really well for ya I’ve kind of been curious about those and the other one i’ve heard good reviews on this is some people that i backpacked with that had one but it’s like it’s it kind of contours your body in a way that it kind of holds you inside than that it’s inflatable but it’s got this kind of like it’s almost the same shape as your mummy bag but the side shows like the Trude upward to keep you in it because i don’t know i mean i’m sure you know man you get the lightweight sleepy bad stuff and you find out really quickly that you just roll off of them in the middle of the night yeah or whatever you know it’s just like they’re hard to stay on I mean yeah like I’m not a large individual by any stretch of the imagination and like their narrow though they’re like listen yeah they’re super narrow and thin and yeah I guess this guy Jimmy that I was backpacking with was telling me that he loved it and I could get the name of the producer but anyway yeah guess it was really great that’s sweet I got exactly what I’m I’m way I’m probably way under educated to really get in deep about like a lot of a different gear the different manufacturers of outdoor gear you know yeah like that that catalog of rei equipment is sort of swimming around in my mind but i can’t really pin down it like a ton of different things of you like Oh what about this Robert what about their who have you talked about the feathered area I don’t I don’t have anything really i don’t know i think we’ve probably talked about a lot of it man i’m a basics kind of person i don’t really care if it’s like north face of patagonia h attack or Marmot or something like that you know it’s not really like super important and i know you’re coming I mean most my gear most of my layers are from Goodwill that’s again their old two men actually that’s one of the best pieces of advice I might I might give to anyone who’s bothered to listen to this point deep in our podcast which thank you by the way but it’s not so like it it’s one of the best values that you can get for outdoor equipment was cruising through and having a really specific clear agenda of the types of things you want to get out of good will depends on your area and you got to go like I did it in corvallis man Corvallis was a gold mine for hey don’t be giving away all the haughtiness the cause of corvallis goodwill I pulled out I put like a great north face fleece out that fit me yeah it was / it was eight dollars boom there you go marina got me this uh this marmot shell this blew my michelle for like less than 12 bucks it was awesome that’s like a TI jacket i replaced it with a new one and it was it was like 200 bucks at rei it was advancing where you’re so expensive even like yeah I mean yeah you’re getting quality man there’s gotta be some point was just like ah it’s too much money yeah like I go in there and all shops like the clearance rack with my gift card that I get for like a birthday you know oh and uh but you’re still like wow this is a sixty-dollar flannel okay something sometimes I way I don’t see the value in some of it like we’re talking about there’s like good things and bad things now I went big on a rain jacket I’m a work outside all the time you like you you a big on like the boots that you have for for firefighting season and like so there’s like sometimes it’s like oh that’s I need that I needed add a lot of time maybe you don’t need a new one of those yeah or whatever whatever it might be the I go big on rain gear yeah that’s what I’m here is this I put my money in having a having a good thermal layer and I got a pretty expensive but like a nicer rain jacket like a gore-tex rain jacket to go over and man that thing has saved me like being out here in Oregon I don’t need really any other layers other than that and I’ve noticed that like you can go from the snow to warm weather to like really intense rain and you can pretty much keep that same like set of layers going that whole time and it worked well yeah but it’s rad when you finally like get something and say oh this is like this is what I need this is good enough to answer probably different situations will be and that’s what yeah I won’t go light on on anything that keeps you warm and dry um sure yeah first off I don’t even know a really good way around going you know going getting a on the expensive stuff on that oh it all seems to be pretty steep am I ready go but yeah like I mean what is hot you can always share layers like you could always remove clothing turn cooler but when it comes to being cold and wet and that that’s the difference between a good trip and a bad trip or yeah it was a good trip and a serious change my experience at time I mean just just kind of working outside a good bit through the day but yeah a day coming through with like there’s some snow on the hills like a little bit higher up in the elevation right on the valley floor it’s nothing but it’s it’s pretty lousy winter weather it seems like right now but it’s like it’s just waves of rain like every 45 minutes or so it’s like 45 minutes on 45 maybe 10 20 30 minutes off then back on so just kind of this drizzle there’s light Rangers what’s coming down all the time and if it weren’t for the like whole head cover hood and and gore tex like outfit I’ve come on I’d be soaked all the time oh man yeah shoes shoes are a huge one like we should talk about hiking shoes sometime like if you feel like well what’s it what’s it the boot that you go for a lot mine are the yeah the marrows yeah yeah I like this man I’ve never add marrows so they seem pretty dance they’re a great boot there you know what honestly when you price you shoes are expensive may I don’t is what you’re looking for honestly so I’m not even going to say these are expensive I mean done a hundred and fifty dollar range yeah but super territorial yeah exactly it was a very easy way less way less than anything oh yeah now they’re great booze man I i love them through the mid top but we’ll save that for another podcast oh yeah yeah but hey so you know we always talked a lot about electronics in the fields and things like that in different ways that you take you stuff out there and that’s because you are a photographer Billy don’t let me take great photos so for anybody listening if you want to check out Billie photography I believe what it’s Billy Newman photo you got it right man i appreciate all right yeah check out so check it out so let us check out this podcast there it’s a toasted on that site if you want to check it out and yeah but get out there podcast the feed is up and going we’ve got information about that at Billy name and photo com you can check it out on iTunes that’s what I recommend it hearing this you probably already figured out how to get into the podcast app and look for this but if you are give us a review or rate it or subscribe to the podcast it helps us out a lot in the first eight weeks as we r at those numbers go a big time how many people do we have fries three and then two of them are you and I it’s probably it’s probably you and me and our girlfriends respectively but it’s a but but we have passed and this is great news and it’s under a week and we’re under five episodes in total we’ve had a hundred download whoa which is big time if again mostly me and you I think I think it’s like yeah we’ve got a round 11 listeners a show maybe so my end of it it’s all it’s all it’s all ephemeral at this stage you can’t really tell for a long time but set but overall though man it’s really fun i did doing a podcast with you even if it’s zero people but that i listening to it it’s still gonna blast yeah man but you say you know about the outdoor stuff man you get it to a jocular stuff no it’s great i love i love taking good brands do because you said I mean just as much time as anybody I know doing various types of camping yeah so if it’s good i like i like speaking with like-minded people about these topics it’s cool man okay hey sounds like we might have a trip planned for this weekend we don’t know oh yeah I early what it is yet but we got some things in the works maybe we’ll do a do a little podcast from wherever we are we gotta do one yeah if we if we meet up in person will definitely do a live podcast and be cool absolutely so hey for those 11 listeners out there you guys safe here got a little something for you that’s going to be a special treat episodes right yeah hey we hung out today there you go no but we’ll out we’ll put it together he’ll be fine was it cool but yeah Robert thank you very much to do the stock s tonight yeah Thank You Billy it’s been good I appreciate it man so on behalf of Robert bisque arete my name is Billy Newman and thank you guys very much for listening to this episode of the get out there podcast



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