Midterm doldrums

Often I think that if I can be aware I can see what’s coming and do my best to avoid it. Which seems like pretty good logic; but time after time I find myself in the same spot. It seems that just like clockwork I have entered the midterm doldrums. This syndrome that I describe could be unique to just college or maybe just me, but during the weeks that follow my midterms I find myself becoming very unenthused and unmotivated to do what I need to. To sum it up I’m starting to feel burnt out. This bothers me because like I said at the beginning I think that if I’m aware enough to see what’s coming then I should be able to avoid it. Apparently that approach doesn’t seem to work as well for me as it once …

Fiction Family

Tonight I got the opportunity to go to Portland to watch the band fiction family with Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and Sean Watkins of Nickle Creek.  Both bands that I have been a big fan of for a long time. The band played very well and its still feels fun when you discovering a new band even if  its from the same people.  it was a nice surprise having Sara Watkins (nickle creek) play with them also. Sean and Sarah preformed a couple nickle creek songs which were top notch. The band played good all around. This had a very independent raw feel that made it interesting and different from bigger nickle creek or switchfoot shows, I stuck around afterward and was able to meet a couple people form the band, It was very kind of them to come out …

A you tube Gem, Jeffery attacks

So the Story goes that back in my senior year of high school at hidden valley a group of us were all hanging out by the stage in the commons.  Now in the video nathan leaps into my arms for whatever reason that day. Though lerking around on the side was Jeffery! Jeffery was a freshman while we were all seniors. Now he was a nice kid but somtimes he just really didnt get some of the social stuff, like giving nuggies to girls or coming up to one of the guys and a punching them in the gut as a way to say hello. On this day though he decided to just  jump right on top of us.  As I held Nathan in my arms I was paying attention to Matt filming us on his camera phone. Then like …

One wikipedia page a day

I’m going to start a new thing that I hope to keep up. I want to fully read one Wikipedia page a day, my plan is to pick a topic that I don’t know enough about and research it. Tonight im spending my evening watching the red violin in my film rhetoric class. Interesting movie. Though its slow and on most accounts it doesn’t fit the style of film I normally like,It is made in a way that reveals the mystery and the meaning of the film as it plays out.

OSU in Review

Recorded the first episode of osu in review. Worked out alright. had a good time making it. If you check it out here. OSU in Review 2-1-2009 episode 1

Nmc Policy

In this paper the other side of net neutrality is covered. What will the negative affects on the ISP’s look like? Billy Newman NMC Telecommunication Policy January 27, 2009 Net neutrality proposal The Internet is a vast and growing infrastructure; there are countless consumers and developers using this infrastructure to move information. Net neutrality is a term for a growing argument that the internet and thus the providers of the network should maintain a neutral position on what content the end user chooses to consume. This proposition though does not practically account for the service provider’s financial investment in the creation of the infrastructure. Its inevitably in the best interests of the end user to allow the service provider to transport there data in the most efficient way they can. Your Internet Service Provider acts as a gateway between the …

nmc policy class 3 journal

Today in nmc policy there was a class discussion on the six degrees of seperation connectors and hubs network effects early networks central office vs nesh networks natural monopoly and creative destruction Over all this was a very interesting class. We had an good discussion in our group about the ownership of the network. I am on the side of network neutrality. I feel that the only way to insure that is to have an organization like the fcc in place to moderate the national policys and standards. I feel that if Isp’s, or the people in control of the tubes were in charge with no oversite there would undoubtedly be standards issues and content tiering.  currently the internet service businness is set up similar to that of a utility, where only one company in a local area has accsess …

My 2009 New Year’s Resolutions

Already I feel that 2009 will be a special year. As I come in to the new year I am 20 years old; an age that I will only get to be once, and in it I want to make it the best that I can. Here are some new years resolutions I want to try to stick to. There really nothing to profound but I know if I stick to them it will drastically change this upcoming year. – Be mindful– More Camping with Dad/friends– Video blog– Read a book a month– Budget– Try a new restaurant every other week, asking for their “most popular dish”– Drink more water– Make going to college worth while– Go on more adventures– Eat more healthfully.– Exercise regularly – Take more pictures– Build better relationships with people– Go to more concerts– Grow up …

Girlie Sasquatch Jacket

Goodness gracious.I gifted myself this jacket for Christmas, and yes it was in the mens section! Ill probably regret this buying decision in the future.I didn’t realize at first sight that this fury Sasquatch jacket would come off looking so girlie. eesh, If I didn’t know better I could be a girl with a strong jaw line in this photo. gotta say though, It is warm!!

Christmas eve

Todays been pretty good. It surprises me when I realize that as I write this it is already christmas. Seems pretty strange that this will be my 20th Christmas . I’ve finished up this evenings family get togethers , now headed to bed. Hoping for some snow for Christmas. The forecast is still back and fourth.

vlog wars

Oh man, So some friends of mine decided to make a little video defaming me.

Winter vacation

Coming home for the holidays is defiantly an interesting sensation. I’m glad that this last term is behind me. Today I braved the weather and made it down to Grants Pass. The trip went much smoother then I thought. I was preparing to spend a night in my car on the freeway waiting for the snow to clear. Luckily I hit the right window; the interstate was mostly bare pavement for the majority of the trip. When I hit the last three passes before coming in to Grants Pass I was a little worried. There was some snow accumulating on the pass but it was really nowhere near as bad as what it was reported as being earlier today. Apparently odot closed the freeway this morning. Its relieving to make it home, it’s good to see some family and it …

Street Slippin

Robert and I went around Corvallis checking out the ice on the streets.

Freeway traffic slowed by snow

a quick post of my trip on I5 trying to get back to corvallis. Lots of traffic even more snow. For a while I was thinking that I would be spending the night in my car. luckly I was able to make it home.

Making Some Tea

last Night I had to stay up late to cram for finals, In this video I show you how to make a cup of loose leaf black tea. The caffeine helped keep me up… all night.

Net Neutrality

The internet is a vast and growing wealth of knowledge. There are countless creators and consumers using the internet to share content. Net neutrality is a term for a growing argument that the internet and thus the providers of the network should maintain a neutral position on what content the end user chooses to consume. This is not so much a censorship issue as it is the intent of the network provider or the ISP to degrade the availability of their competitors web content. A network providers bias toward their content; with the intent to increase their fiscal return is unethical and their role must remain neutral. A network physically interfering with the transmission of their competitor’s data to the end user is unethical. Net neutrality is the principle that the network providers should treat internet traffic equally. A neutral …

Privacy in today’s digital age is something that has in many ways gone by the wayside, The development of the new media “savvy” society has saturated the net with social profiles from second life to twitter. The bottom line is that Privacy is at the users personal discretion; it is up to them to be self conscious of who will be reading there social content. I hope that this does not give the immediate impression that 100% of the wrong should be placed in the lap of the user who posted it. In fact I would argue that nearly all the wrong doing and mal intent is from the public side. My argument rather, is that the user must be conscious and aware of what social implies, the user must become savvy to the policies and programs in place that …

The other day when we were in Newport we went to the beach. while we were there we messed around with some long exposure shots. This picture is of Nathan but behind him is the six of us in a line with our cell phones out drawing the light that you see in the photo over 2o seconds

Tonight Tyler and I Made some slow cooked chili with our crock pot. Below is a little video .

Aquarium Visit

Here is a little video of some clips from our trip to the Newport aquarium. Over all it was pretty fun. Apperently during the first week of december they have a special christmas deal. It ended up being only 2 dolloars to get in from 6:30 p.m to 9:00. After the aquarium we went to the beach. Overall it was pretty fun.

here is a little video of some of us playing Disc golf.

Working on some new media Projects

So far this year I have felt that I have not been producing enough, Ive tried to produce a new podcast called High Five, But im also thinking about video casting small interesting segments of events that I do durring my day. I also want to start to develop the audience of the social networks that I use. In the next week I want to continue working on several media projects such as the HIGH FIVE podcast Billy Newman Blog video posts Expanding Photography portfolio and New postings.

Going to Grants Pass This Weekend

So I will be heading back to grants pass for the first time this school year tomorrow. It will be nice to be back in the rouge valley for a weekend in October. October is one of my favorite times of the year. It will be good to see some family and see some friends. I haven’t even pulled out my camera in the last couple weeks. Ill defiantly have to go out and take some pictures this weekend. If you want to meet up let me know.

John Mayer concert 7-25-08

For a long time I have been a fan of John Mayer, In fact I consider him to be one of the best current popular musicians in the industry. I was lucky enough this summer to head down to Marysville California this last week to go to a John Mayer concert. It was a great show; It defiantly ranks as one of the top experiences of the summer. The only negative that I could report is that there was not enough time in the show to get to all of the great songs that John Mayer has written. The set list was solid though. I was very impressed with the performance from the entire band. Waiting on the World to Change Clarity I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You) Crossroads Wheel Good Love is On the Way Daughters Free Falling …

What Ever Happened to My Lunch Box

What Ever Happened to My Lunch Box Though the lunch box is intended to be a practical tool for school children; italso holds on to a great deal of symbolism. The lunch box is a sign of what we were most during the start of who we now have become. It can be a symbol for youth, home, companionship, and the strive towards independence. Many other objects are by themselves far more important than the physical lunch box , but there is no other item that encapsulates so many different meanings and ideas into one as the lunch box does. Of course people remember their lunch boxes from their youth. Often the “coolest” ones that come to memory were made of tin, and were advertising an element of children’s pop culture. Whether it be from Gi Joe’s or Barbie’s or …