Tonight Tyler and I Made some slow cooked chili with our crock pot. Below is a little video .

Aquarium Visit

Here is a little video of some clips from our trip to the Newport aquarium. Over all it was pretty fun. Apperently during the first week of december they have a special christmas deal. It ended up being only 2 dolloars to get in from 6:30 p.m to 9:00. After the aquarium we went to the beach. Overall it was pretty fun.

here is a little video of some of us playing Disc golf.

Working on some new media Projects

So far this year I have felt that I have not been producing enough, Ive tried to produce a new podcast called High Five, But im also thinking about video casting small interesting segments of events that I do durring my day. I also want to start to develop the audience of the social networks that I use. In the next week I want to continue working on several media projects such as the HIGH FIVE podcast Billy Newman Blog video posts Expanding Photography portfolio and New postings.

Going to Grants Pass This Weekend

So I will be heading back to grants pass for the first time this school year tomorrow. It will be nice to be back in the rouge valley for a weekend in October. October is one of my favorite times of the year. It will be good to see some family and see some friends. I haven’t even pulled out my camera in the last couple weeks. Ill defiantly have to go out and take some pictures this weekend. If you want to meet up let me know.

John Mayer concert 7-25-08

For a long time I have been a fan of John Mayer, In fact I consider him to be one of the best current popular musicians in the industry. I was lucky enough this summer to head down to Marysville California this last week to go to a John Mayer concert. It was a great show; It defiantly ranks as one of the top experiences of the summer. The only negative that I could report is that there was not enough time in the show to get to all of the great songs that John Mayer has written. The set list was solid though. I was very impressed with the performance from the entire band. Waiting on the World to Change Clarity I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You) Crossroads Wheel Good Love is On the Way Daughters Free Falling …

What Ever Happened to My Lunch Box

What Ever Happened to My Lunch Box Though the lunch box is intended to be a practical tool for school children; italso holds on to a great deal of symbolism. The lunch box is a sign of what we were most during the start of who we now have become. It can be a symbol for youth, home, companionship, and the strive towards independence. Many other objects are by themselves far more important than the physical lunch box , but there is no other item that encapsulates so many different meanings and ideas into one as the lunch box does. Of course people remember their lunch boxes from their youth. Often the “coolest” ones that come to memory were made of tin, and were advertising an element of children’s pop culture. Whether it be from Gi Joe’s or Barbie’s or …

One Year After High School

One Year After High School As of today it is June 10, 2008; I realized the other day that I have been out of high school now for one year. It seems now that time is moving faster. I am already finishing up with my first year in college at OSU, and just like everything else college has had its ups and downs. Of course no 19 year old has any clue as to what there really doing in there life I feel that I’m doing the best that I can. I have always thought that high school is not a time when people are the most differing form each other; Its really a time when every one is the same, when seemingly everyone goes through many of the same trials. As I see it , it is when we …

Billy Newman

I am a 19 year old college student at oregon state universtiy where I am a new media communications major. My intrests include photography, media production and design, broadcasting, and travel. All of these aspects will be reflected in things I post

Day By Day

 I am just starting to notice that my summer vacation is almost over . The seasons are about to change. I need to try to remember to take advantage of what summer is while I can, This always happens this time in august as the weather introduces an undefinable yet undeniable  change.  The  fair is over . Kids are getting ready to get there school vaccinations  and  I am preparing to go back to my second year of college.  Though I  feel  more prepared then I did last year this time I feel like the game  is going to change on me and I will have to learn it all over again. Today most of my extended family that was in town left. the weather is in the mid to low seventies and I am out doing my own thing. …


So this morning i woke up early at about six thirty. I looked up from my bed to the view of my car tagged with yellow car paint and surran wrapped. I got pranked. I thought it was funny though all the culprits did was yellow out the drivers side of the windshield write Intel on the back passenger window, (funny too because I don’t really even like Intel . And on the back window to top it off they wrote I (heart) tech and join twitter. Overall I thought it was pretty funny. I washed it off a couple hours ago before I went to town.Ive heard rumor of which people tagged my car but those suspicions are not confirmed.

KLDR Sticker Stops

Over the summer Ive been working as an intern at KLDR/KAJO radio in Grants Pass. I have just been authorized to drive the kldr van to do some sticker stops. Ill be handing out prizes around town, Things like dutch bros cards, water slide passes t-shirts and more.

Lower Rogue Hiking Vlog

Ive procrastinated on this video for a while now, here are some of the clips from the 4 day backpacking trip I took on the lower rogue. Had a ton of fun on this trip but it was also one of the hardest and most physically challenging things I’ve ever done.


I have finally made the jump to having a real website with a real domain name and real hosting.  As I see it this has been a long time coming. I think that it is finally time to start developing content for a web site not just a blog and not just social networks.  For me being a person majoring in new media communications, interested in digital distribution, social media and online content production; it is absolutely necessary now for me to have an online presence.  This is now going to be the new online home for anything that I am doing.  Though this webpage is in very early production (as in 3 hours of work) there are many problems and many changes that need to be made.     

LOST Season 6 Premier

    Here is an interview that I read about the LOST season premier with producers Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse. Interesting info on the rest of the season Warning, SPOILERS ahead. If you haven’t seen the season premiere of Lost yet, you might not want to continue past the jump yet. Lost fans who have now seen the premiere can read ahead for some explanation from Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. (Comments are likely to be full of spoilers also, you’ve been warned again.) Once upon a time in Germany, a very smart and spiritual man tried to answer a very tricky and troubling question. In a world created by an allegedly benevolent and omnipotent God, why the heck is there suffering and evil? In the world of philosophy, this field of inquiry is called Theodicy, generally defined as an attempt to understand and justify the …

Kyli Millender Photoshoot

    Last Thursday I was able to do my first photo shoot. I met with Kyli that morning and we went around to different locations in downtown Corvallis. I had a ton of fun doing the shoot and I think that we were able to get some pretty good photos. (at least for my first time shooting a model).  The photo shoot was a great experience and I hope to do more of this type of work in the near future.    Thanks to Kyli Millender for working with me for the day.

OSU Rugby Game

      Went to my first Rugby game the other day. My friend Jeremy is on the rugby team. Here are some photos of him playing .

Unfinished clip from our next short film

  Timmy is rocking his part as the intrusive party guest in this out take from our next short film.  I think we are going to call it “Knock Please” . Most all of this was just improv, this take had us all cracking up 

New Lens

  Finally got my new lens in the mail today.  Its the Nikon 50mm f/1.8. I have been wanting to get this lens for a really long time now. The weather is not the greatest so I have just been out side my window taking pictures of the spring flowers that are blooming.   

My Road Trip Begins

Pretty Lights- September 9th, 2011 I only started this trip a few days ago and I am already having an incredible time. I also know that I have not posted much on what my plans are for the trip or what I am doing.   All of that will come soon. Im just spending the first few days of the trip getting used to living in my little toyota camry and trusting my gear, which as of yet has not failed me.   Right now I am sitting in a McDonalds in Molalla Oregon importing photos from this morning and trying to keep up to date on whats been going on with the rest of you.  Tonight I am intending on camping around frog lake, just south of Mt Hood. So far though I have noticed that my intentions of …

Postcard: Silver Falls

Here is a quick postcard from Silver Falls this morning. Great day there. I really havent pulled out the cameras to much yet on this trip, that is all coming soon.  For the most part I am just focusing on relaxing and camping, and also knowing that there are a thousand bad photos I really dont have to take 🙂 This trip will be very Photography heavy. Ill get into this subject more later on, but really my main objective for this trip is to experience what it is like to be a working photographer. Im trying to work with my gear, learn it, learn this craft, and build a portfolio I am proud of. I think this is a strong image, not my best, and not the last you will see.     


   This is already one of my favorite group shots. Had a great time in Sunriver last weekend. 

On The Road Again

Taken from the drivers seat of my camry while trying to navigate a corner on HWY 66 I’m starting another job in a few weeks, something that’s back to what I really like. Working for my self, or at least thinking that I work for my self is much more rewarding. For the time though, I have about 3 weeks free, so I am going to try and take advantage of that time as much as I can.   Right now I am back out on the road. Traveling solo in my 1992 Camry (now pushing 345,000 miles :O)  For the next few weeks I am focused on traveling through Oregon. Right now I am writing this from somewhere near Klamath Falls. Today I will be heading north-ish , no idea where I will be camping yet. I will be …

Undie Run 2012

Some happy guy, who I think was named Grant, running past me during the Undie Run at OSU last Friday.   The Undie Run was a crazy event.  Glad that I had a chance to enjoy watching a few hundred college kids run through the campus in their underwear…I remained fully clothed.  this weekend stop in Corvallis was pretty good. The weather was pretty regular Corvallis weather, but other than that, it was Corvallis at its best… or worst.  Way to go Macklemore for putting on a great show.  Besides the trampeling, it was a blast.   

Crater Lake

Crater Lake after sunset    I made this photograph after spending the day at crater lake.  Most of the park is still closed due to snow. I spent the afternoon walking around the lodge, checking out what trails and roads I could, and sitting on the hood of my car looking at maps of Oregon, planning out places I should go. This image was made using to graduated filters, a tobacco orange filter and a blue filter. I bought them in a set of 5 for $20, meaning they are probably the cheapest filters made. For this, though,  I think I got my moneys worth.   Black and White Panorama I made of Crater Lake.